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Welcome to my Little Shop of Letters. My name is Xanto Jones and I am an aspiring writer. This blog is hopefully going to chronicle my attempts to write a little every day! I used to write all the time, but nowadays it seems I only write when National Novel Writing Month comes around. I want to change that. I’ve been wanting to write a web serial for years now, but I lacked the dedication, the discipline, and the motivation to do so. Now I’m rusty and I want to get back my sharp writing skills and I’m taking you along for the ride!

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy what I produce. I welcome any constructive criticism (I can take it!) and/or ideas!

Thank you again,



Posted September 3, 2010 by Xanto P. Jones

3 responses to “Welcome!

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  1. Hey Xanto! I found you via #TuesdaySerial (fellow writer) and I’m so glad to hear you’re getting back into writing often! It’s very difficult getting started, but you’ll be very happy that you did. 🙂

    If you’re doing NaNo this November, I’d love to be writing buddies with you! I’m joaniegecko on the NaNo site. 😀

    • Thank you! I’ve been writing up a storm since I started this project. This is so much fun that I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. Thank you so much! I’m thorinlight on nano! 😀

  2. Hey, great blog!

    I wish I would have heard of your blog earlier! Your story looks really interesting and pretty well-written. I found you via the camp nano sci-fi thread (I’m HektischMaus, by the way…). You definitely have an original story on your hands. 🙂

    Sincerely, Average.

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