71. The Unnatural City, Part VI   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space

Episode 71: The Unnatural City, Part VI: The Great Escape

The robot that was previously Sundance gripped its cold metallic fingers around Timmy’s neck. Timmy reached up and tried to pry the fingers off his neck, but the robot was stronger. The more he struggled, the less he was able to breathe. He knew his time was running out. He planted his left foot into the center of the robot’s abdomen. The robot was surprised and its grip loosened. Timmy took this opportunity to take a deep breath and plant another kick with his right foot. The robot stumbled backward.

“Timmy, what’s wrong with you?” The robot transformed back into Sundance, but Timmy knew better. “Timmy!” Sundance’s voice morphed into something dark and electronic.

Timmy pushed past him and ran out of the bathroom. “Everyone needs to get out of here, now!” The air caught in his throat when he looked at everyone in the restaurant. The entire restaurant was filled with robots. There were robots sitting down enjoying their meals. There were robots cooking meals. There were robots giving other robots glasses of water. Timmy stared in horror. How had he not noticed this. His eyes darted to the table he was sitting and saw that Astralyn and Colonel Graves were also robots.

“No,” Timmy moaned.

All of the robots turned and stared at him with their red hot eyes. Then in unison, they all stood up and slowly marched towards him.

Timmy reached for his laser pistol and remembered that he didn’t have it with him. He cursed himself. He started eyeing the exits. There was the front door and the emergency exit near the far right corner of the dining room. There was too much distance between the bathroom and the front door. There was no way he could make it without being caught by one of them. The emergency exit had just as many robots, but the trek wouldn’t be as far. He decided that’s where he’d make his escape.

The robots extended their arms out to him as if they were wanting a big hug. Timmy cautiously stepped forward and prepared to make a run for it. The bathroom door opened and the robot that was inside stepped out and grabbed Timmy by the waist.

Timmy cried out and tried to kick the robot, but couldn’t get his bearings. He struggled as the other robots moved in. He decided if he couldn’t kick them, he could at least use gravity against them. Timmy pushed back on the robot so that it crashed up against the wall behind them. The robot released him as it tried to regain its balance. Timmy immediately made a dash for the door. Two robots stepped in front of the emergency exit and prevented him from leaving.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Timmy quickly scanned the dining room for anything he could use as a weapon. All he saw were plates full of Italian food. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. He grabbed two plates and promptly shoved them in the robots’ boxy faces. The robots scrambled to unobscure their view. Timmy used this opportunity to pull the robots towards him, away from the door. He slipped between them and pushed the door open. A high pitched alarm sounded. The robots seemed to be irritated by it and they froze.

Timmy stumbled into the alley and checked to see if the robots were behind him. They weren’t pursuing him so he ran to the streets. He bumped into a few people as he rushed by them. He looked up to apologize but gasped when he saw that the people he ran into were robots! He shouted and ran away. The robots proceed to chase after him.

The entire street was full of robots pretending to be people. Timmy couldn’t believe it. How could this be? There was something definitely wrong. How could no one notice that robots had replaced every living person? He needed to get to the bottom of this, but he needed to get out of the reaches of the robots first.

Timmy knew that he couldn’t hope to outrun them; he needed a speedy escape and he knew exactly how to go about doing it. He ran to the parking lot where there were a plethora of different cars to choose from. Timmy found the one the robot formerly known as Sundance drove to the restaurant. He thought that it was only right to steal his car. The top of the car was down, as usual, so Timmy jumped right into the driver’s seat. He reached beneath the steering column and broke open the control box. He tinkered around with the circuits until he found the one he was looking for. In a snap, the car activated and lifted off the ground. Timmy laughed at his accomplishment. He had never hijacked a car before.

Timmy drove the car away out of the parking lot. He looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the robots were still coming for him, but they had no way of catching him. He hoped that these robots didn’t have rocket packs like the previous set did.

As he drove away, Timmy had many questions running around his head. Had all of Citadel City been taken over by robots? How had no one seen them coming? Why was there no warning? Where were the people that the robots replaced? Could he fight them alone? He couldn’t make any sense of the situation. Everything about this was wrong.

As he made the right off of Broadway Street, he asked himself another question. Where was he going?

“To the beginning,” he uttered under his breath. He needed to get back to the source, the place where everything started. He decided that he was going to go back to Christopher City. Timmy leaned over to the passenger side and opened the glove compartment. There was a laser pistol resting on a pair of white gloves. He pulled the pistol out and set it on the seat next to him. With pistol procured, Timmy navigated his way through traffic and headed towards the city gates. 


2 responses to “71. The Unnatural City, Part VI

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  1. I kind of feel like Timmy’s in a dream of some sort… could everyone else have been taken so quickly?

    It might be cool to include a summary of last week’s episode, like they did on the old radio shows. “Last week, Timmy fought his way through a restaurant full of robots, after discovering that everyone in Citadel City had been replaced by mechanical monsters! Taking robot-Sundance’s car, Timmy decided to travel to Christopher City, where it all started. Meanwhile, In Space…” (just a thought)

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