65. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part XII   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 65: The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part XII: Second Victory

Caretaker Dave turned around and headed for the door that would take him back inside. He heard someone cough behind him. He stopped and turned around. He saw two hands come up over the edge. “No.” He shook his head and walked back over to the edge. He found that Sundance was clinging on for dear life. “You are like a cockroach. You just won’t go away!”

And I thought people liked me for my persistence!” Sundance thought he would try to pull himself up, but he knew what was about to happen and he grimaced in anticipation. Just as he thought, Caretaker Dave stepped on his fingers. He cried out as the Caretaker acted like he was stamping out a cigarette.

I suppose the third time is the charm,” Caretaker Dave said. He twisted his foot and allowed the fingers to crunch underneath his feet. He felt Sundance slip his fingers out from underneath him. He promptly picked up his foot and stamped it down on his other hand. This allowed Sundance to replace his previously crushed hand back on the edge. Caretaker Dave saw this and placed both feet on his hands. Sundance cried out again. The Caretaker cackled evilly as he saw that his victory was at hand.

Sundance pulled one hand out from underneath Caretaker Dave’s feet. In spite of the pain, a funny thought came to his head and he started to laugh. Caretaker Dave was curious and looked down at him. Sundance gazed up at him and smiled. “Remember when you told me that we’ll see who’s laughing? Well, hardy har har, bitch!” Sundance quickly reached down and pulled out his laser pistol. He fired it and the laser shot through Caretaker Dave’s shoulder.

His fingers were released from the pressure of the shoes. He replaced his pistol and pulled himself up. Caretaker Dave stumbled backward, holding his wound. “How’d you like those apples?”

Caretaker Dave pushed the pain aside and charged towards Sundance. When he saw the smirk on Sundance’s face, he realized that he was up to something and there was nothing he could do about it.

Sundance simply stepped aside. Caretaker Dave managed to stop himself at the last second. He spun around and gave a short laugh. “Ha!” The robot jerked as it gave the fallen robot below another swift kick. Caretaker Dave suddenly lost his balance and fell over the side. Sundance tried to reach out for him, but he was too late.

Sundance turned his head so that he couldn’t see Caretaker Dave hit the ground. He immediately ran inside and ran down the stairs. He tried to remember the layout out of the compound before it turned into a giant robot. He searched frantically for the Heart Room. He passed several Caretakers on the way down, but he quickly took care of them with his laser pistol.

Sundance finally arrived at the Heart Room and opened the door. Timmy was slumped over in the chair, looking pale and drained. “Timmy!” he shouted. He rushed into the room and looked for the way to disconnect him. “Hang in there, Timmy. Just hang on.”

He didn’t know in which order the wires needed to be removed. He didn’t want to hurt Timmy, but he also didn’t want the robot to be functional anymore. He grabbed all the wires he could and gave them a good yank. Sparks flew out of the plugs as they were rudely interrupted. Sundance could already hear some of the engines shutting down. He reached over to the other side of the chair and yanked the wires out. More sparks flew. Sundance, then, disconnected Timmy from the helmet that he was wearing and untied him from the chair.

Timmy woke up and groaned. “Captain?”

I got you,” Sundance said, hoisting him over his shoulder. “Say bye bye!”

Bye bye,” Timmy moaned.

They left the room and sped down the hallways, looking for the way out. The many engines were slowly powering down and made the robot difficult to control. The Caretakers in the control room knew that their number was up.

The robot began to fall forward. Everyone inside felt it and braced themselves for impact. Sundance and Timmy were in the stairway heading to the top of the robot. They held onto the railings as the robot made its final descent to the fiery ground below. People were tossed around as the robot hit the ground. The torso had managed to fall onto the robot Astralyn had been piloting. When all was still, Sundance and Timmy clumsily made their way to the head of the robot. They climbed out and safely slid down to the ground. Astralyn and Ben were waiting for them.

Oh my god, I can’t believe that you made it,” Astralyn said, running to Sundance and Timmy. “Timmy, you’re alright!” She hugged him tightly. He quickly sat down to collect himself. “I was beginning to worry.”

I knew you’d be alright,” Ben said, smiling from ear to ear. “We’ve already alerted what’s left of the authorities and they’ll be here soon enough to pick up the rest of the evil Caretakers.”

I love that plan,” Sundance said.

Sure enough, the Deimos police arrived at the scene when they thought it was safe enough to approach. They wanted to make sure that everything was indeed done. They arrested the surviving members of the Caretakers as they stumbled out of the robot.

I’m sure glad I’m not caught up with that lot,” Ben said, watching Caretakers Steve and Joe being arrested.

What are you going to do now that you no longer have a job?” Astralyn asked. Ben shrugged.

I don’t know,” Ben replied. “Maybe become a mime. I’ve always admired their tenacity.” He thanked Sundance and Astralyn for their help and left to seek his fortune amongst the wreckage.

He’s a nice guy,” Sundance said.

Astralyn folded her arms and surveyed the damage done to the city. Her gaze ended at the heap of robots. “Well, there goes the Ancient Engines of Deimos. What a shame.”

Tell me about it,” Sundance said, patting her on the shoulders. “Do me a favour, please. The next time you want to go on a field trip, could we just not and say we did?” He helped Timmy back into the StarTango, leaving Astralyn alone to try and find some redeeming qualities to their trip. She just sighed and followed Sundance and Timmy into the StarTango and shut the door.


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  1. Hooray Timmy was saved!

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