64. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part XI   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 64: The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part XI: Just for Kicks

Caretaker Dave watched as Sundance leaped from his robot and landed on theirs. He recognized him instantly. That was the man that was supposed to be dead. “I thought I was rid of him! Take care of him now!” Caretakers Steve and Joe stood up and prepared to leave, but Caretaker Dave stopped them. “No… I will take care of him myself. You know what they say.”

If you want something done…” Caretaker Joe started.

Yes, I know what they say!” Caretaker Dave shouted. “I was being rhetorical.” He stormed out of the control room and left Caretakers Joe and Steve to carry on the good fight.

Caretaker Dave climbed up the staircase to the top of the robot head. He threw open the door just in time to see Sundance climb over the side. He stomped over to Sundance and hit him in the face. “I thought you split up!”

Well, it is true that the last time you saw me I was almost beside myself, but in the last minute I was able to pull myself together.” Sundance rubbed his sore cheek and laughed. He clinched his fists and punched him twice in the face! “You’re looking a little red in the face, you must be so embarrassed!”

Caretaker Dave stumbled backward and shook it off. He grinned as he wiped the blood from his lips. He knew that he was in for a good fight. “You miss your little friend, is that it? Well, he’s serving a greater purpose now. He is ushering in a brand new age.”

That sounds so beautiful, too bad it’s all a load of crap!” Sundance swung another punch, but it was blocked. He went for the stomach, but Caretaker Dave blocked it as well.

While Caretaker Dave and Sundance battled on top, the battle below was getting interesting. Seeing that Sundance successfully made it to the other robot, Astralyn broke out of the Caretakers’ hold on them. She strained as she pulled the levers that controlled the arms. The gears squealed as this action was performed.

It’s getting harder to operate,” Astralyn said. “What do I do now?”

If we’re going down, we’re going down fighting!” Ben said.

Astralyn agreed with this plan. She went to move the right leg, but it was being stubborn. She pulled the lever to swing the left arm around. It fought her at first, but then it acquiesced and punched the Caretakers in the face. She gasped as she watched Caretaker Dave and Sundance struggle to keep their balance on the top. She made a mental note to keep further attacks below the head… if she could manage another attack.

The Caretakers brought their right leg up above their head and swiftly brought it down on Astralyn’s robot. They watched as Astralyn struggled to keep their robot standing, but they were slowly falling over backward. From the way the body parts were seizing up, they knew that their enemies were done for.

Unfortunately, Astralyn knew this as well. She tried everything to keep the robot on its feet. “We’re going down!”

We’re losing power,” Ben replied. “We wouldn’t have been up much longer anyway.”

They braced themselves as the robot finally landed on its back. They were down and there was no getting back up. Astralyn and Ben climbed off the floor and stared out of the window. The Caretakers walked over to them and proceeded to stomp on them. The control room shook with each stomp.

We might want to get out of here!” Ben suggested. He helped Astralyn up and together they left the room. They proceeded down the hallways in search of the main exit.


Caretaker Dave took time out of pummeling Sundance to watch the other robot fall on its back. “I suppose it’s all over for you. Your friends have lost the battle.” The Caretaker robot shook as it stomped on the fallen robot. Caretaker Dave struggled to keep his balance. Sundance used this opportunity to make his attack.

Sundance ran at him and swung at his face. Caretaker Dave dodged to the left and as he brought his right fist around to punch in the face. The left fist connected with Sundance’s stomach. Sundance growled as all the air left him. He shook his head and tried to focus. He chastised himself because he was usually a better fighter than this.

You see, all of this isn’t all that bad,” Caretaker Dave said as he swiftly kicked Sundance in the side. He watched his adversary fall to the floor. “This is a good change. We aren’t destroying anything at all because everything was already destroyed. We are restoring Deimos to its former glory. We are no longer Caretakers.” He gave Sundance another kick in the side. This pushed Sundance closer to the edge of the robot head. “We are now Deliverers.” Another kick.

You’re murderers!” Sundance shouted. He suffered another kick to the stomach. He tried to get up, but Caretaker Dave kicked him back down. Sundance was now on the edge. “You’ve murdered all those people down there and I will bring you to justice!”

You can barely bring me to my knees,” Caretaker Dave said. He breathed in the ice cold air and grinned as he looked down on his prey. “And now, I must bring this to a close. I have a nation to rebuild. I’m sorry you couldn’t be the one to usher in this new age. Goodbye.” Caretaker Dave gave a final kick and Sundance fell over the side.


Posted May 12, 2014 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

3 responses to “64. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part XI

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  1. Uh-oh, how’s Sundance gonna get out of this one? Great cliffhanger!

  2. Somehow I feel its not all over for Sundance just yet 🙂

  3. Not by a long shot!

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