63. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part X   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 63: The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part X: Rise of the Resistance

Caretakers Dave, Steve, and Joe sat in the control room. They were laughing and having a good time. Caretaker Dave was at the main controls. “Another fireball, Caretaker Steve.” The arm extended and another fireball hit the ground. The city was on fire. There was almost nothing left. “The streets of Deimos will be cleansed of the filth that has plagued it for so long. Run, you filthy people. Run! There is nowhere for you to hide.” Caretakers Steve and Joe exchanged concerned glances. “I think it’s time for a victory lap, wouldn’t you say boys.”

Whatever you say,” Caretakers Joe and Steve said.

They piloted the robot to walk through the debris of their reign of terror. It was then that the ground started to shake. They stopped the robot in mid step. The head looked around to see what could possibly be causing the disturbance. From the control room, they could see buildings starting to crumble as they rose into the air.

No way,” Caretakers Steve and Joe said in unison.

Caretaker Dave’s eyes grew wide as he witnessed another giant robot rise out of the ground. “It can’t be… another one?” His eyes narrowed and glared at the robot. “They must be exterminated.”


Whoo!” Astralyn exclaimed as the robot rose out of the ground. She and Ben sat at the controls and were pressing buttons that needed to be pressed and pulling levers that needed to be pulled. Together, they were able to successfully get the robot on its feet.

Sundance stood in the back of the control room and watched as they soared above the wreckage. “Alright, let’s find that other robot.”

A word of caution,” Ben said. “I don’t know how much juice that battery down there has. We should really try to limit our power usage.”

Sure, good luck with that,” Sundance said. He pointed out the window. Astralyn and Ben saw that the other robot was coming at them fast. “Hold onto your butts!” Sundance gripped the doorway for support. Astralyn and Ben gripped their control consoles. The enemy robot reached out its hands to choke them.

Arms!” Astralyn shouted. She pulled two levers, one on her left and the other on the right, and pressed a green button. This resulted in the arms bringing brought up to block the oncoming attack. She pressed a pedal with her right foot and caused the robot to move forward one step. “Right leg, left leg.” She pressed the left foot pedal and the robot moved another step.

You got this, Astralyn!” Sundance said. “Keep it up! I’m heading up top.”

Astralyn turned around and called to Sundance. “You better be careful up there!”

Eyes on the evil robot!” Ben shouted.

A giant fist was coming at them fast. Astralyn scoffed as she controlled the robot to move out of the way and block the punch. She looked down at the foot pedals and pressed down on the left one and pulled the levers for the arms. The arms reached out and grabbed the enemy robot by the shoulders and brought its robotic knees to the enemy’s groin. The Caretaker Robot stumbled backward. Ben and Sundance looked at her in amazement.

Well, if it’s good enough for humans, it’s good enough for robots!” she said. “You better get up there now!”

Try to get as close as you can,” Sundance ordered.

Good luck, sir,” Ben said.

Sundance saluted them and left the room. There was a stairway the led outside to the top of the robot’s head. He climbed the stairs and reached the top. The cold air hit him in the face and his legs. For the first time, he wished that he had worn pants. He shut the door and carefully walked over to one of the robot’s antennae and clung to it. He hoped that Astralyn could keep the robot steady.

The Caretaker robot recovered from Astralyn’s assault and prepared to make another fireball attack. Its left arm was raised and the hole in it was gathering power. Astralyn saw this happening and thrust her robot forward and grabbed hold of the offending arm. The fireball shot out and flew towards the roof of the protective dome. The flames dissipated and died as they hit the dome. There was a collective sigh of relief from all parties involved.

Caretaker Dave kicked Astralyn’s side and regained control of his arm. Astralyn stumbled to the right, crushing a building that she hoped was empty. Astralyn regained her balance. She stood up straight and took a fighting stance. She beckoned for Caretaker Dave come and get it.

You insolent…” Caretaker Dave charged with fists pumping. Astralyn dodged each of the attacks and deftly as robotically possible. That only made Caretaker Dave try that much harder.

Remember the plan,” Ben said. “We don’t have to win, we just have to get your friend close enough for him to leap over.”

Astralyn nodded. She was having a fun time fighting in a giant robot. Definitely not how she thought she would end the day. She went to deliver another punch, but the controls started to slow down. The robot became difficult to control. She knew what was happening, the battery was dying. “Playtime is over,” she said. She let go of the controls and let the Caretaker robot advance. “I hope this is close enough.”

The Caretaker robot reached out and grabbed Astralyn’s robot in a bear hug. Each of the robot heads were in close proximity so that they could see each other in their respective control rooms. Astralyn wanted nothing more than to wipe the smirk from Caretaker Dave’s face. Ben gave him a rude finger gesture. This seemed to accomplish what Astralyn wanted.

This was also the moment that Sundance had been waiting for. He studied the difference between his robot head and their robot head. He didn’t know how far apart they were, but he was confident that he would make it. He took a deep breath and forcefully launched himself into the air, praying that he would make it to the other side and not on the ground below. 


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2 responses to “63. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part X

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  1. Woohoo! So glad this is baaaaaaaack!!!!

  2. Seems like the gang are back in the middle of the action again ^_^ I’m confident Sundance will make it.

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