61. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part VIII   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 61: The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part VIII: Rise of the Deliverers

Sundance, Astralyn, and Caretaker Benjamin left the parking lot and passed through Dunlin City Security to get back into the city. They placed their hoods on and marched in a single file line towards the abandoned building. As they walked, they felt the ground vibrate slightly. The three of them stopped for a moment in an alley to assess what it was they were feeling. Sundance walked back to one of the main city streets and checked to see if there was a large vehicle running down the way. There was no such vehicle. By the time he got back to Astralyn and Caretaker Benjamin, the shaking had escalated to such a degree that they had to support themselves against the walls of the buildings they found themselves between.

What’s going on?” Astralyn asked. “Caretaker Benjamin?”

Just call me Ben,” he replied.

I don’t care what your name is,” Sundance shouted. “What’s going on?”

Soon, a loud hum accompanied the violent shaking. People on the streets were beginning to panic. Buildings were shaking so much that they began to lose bits and pieces of mortar. It rained down on the heroic trio. Sundance led them back out to the street where chaos was beginning to get a firm grip on the people.

The hum became more of a buzz. Sundance grabbed Ben and shook him. “What the hell is going on?”

We’re too late!” Ben said. “We’re too late! Caretaker Dave has already hooked your friend up to the engines.”

Then we need to go and get him out! Let’s go!” Sundance said. He ran back towards the alley, but the buildings were being shaken apart. It was no longer safe to travel between them. “There’s got to be another way in besides the front door.”

It would not be very wise to go in there,” Ben said.

The ground beneath them shook to the point that concrete was splitting apart. Large cracks in the streets threatened to swallow the people in the streets. Women and children screamed as no one knew what to do. People were beginning to fall into the cracks as they continued to grow larger.

Then a loud mechanical whir sounded. The ground shook more violently as before as things started to protrude from beneath it. Whole buildings were lifted from the ground and tossed down unto the population below.

Sundance, Astralyn, and Ben shielded themselves from the debris and watched as an enormous machine rose from the ground. It was shaped just like a human. It had a head, two arms with articulate fingers, a midsection, and two legs. The head towered high above the city, almost reaching the top of the dome.

The war machine exists!” Ben said. He dropped to his knees and began to pray. Sundance walked over to him and pulled him to his feet.

THAT’S the war machine?” Sundance shouted. “THAT’S THE WAR MACHINE?”

Oh my god,” Astralyn whispered. It was easily drowned out by the sound of the people screaming.

The head of the robot looked down upon the city and its people. Even though it was generally expressionless, Sundance knew exactly what it was thinking. He watched as the robot extended its left hand. A large hole opened up and a fireball shot out of it, blowing up the buildings and the people within it.

How do we get in there?” Sundance shouted.

What, you got a death wish or something?” Ben asked. “There’s no way to get in there now! The engines have been activated and there’s no way to turn them off until they disconnect your friend.” Sundance looked like he was going to punch him, but Ben put up his hands. “But, I know of a way to defeat the robot! Follow me!” Ben took off running towards the panicked people.

Without a moment of hesitation, Sundance and Astralyn raced after him. They plowed right through the crowd and tried to keep an eye where Ben was heading. Sundance occasionally looked behind him and saw the robot activating another fireball.

Must go faster!” Sundance shouted. “Must go faster!”

The people saw the fireball coming and they started to run in terror. Sundance and Astralyn managed to stay ahead of the group, their eyes purely focused on Ben. When Ben turned, they turned. Ben ducked into another alley. Sundance and Astralyn made it just in time before a large wave of flames passed by.

Ben was already on his knees, picking up a manhole cover. He tossed it aside and it clanged loudly on the asphalt behind him. “In we go!”

Sundance didn’t ask any questions. He was the first one down the hole, then Astralyn, and then Ben himself. They were waiting for him at the bottom.

You don’t happen to have a flashlight, would you?” Ben asked. As soon as he said the word ‘flashlight’, there was a light in his face. “Perfect! Watch your step please.” Ben took the flashlight and led them down more tunnels.

Is this what I think it is?” Astralyn asked, noticing a pattern.

The ground shook and the surface received another attack. Astralyn and Sundance stumbled and sought to steady themselves against the walls of the tunnel.

Ben turned around and put the light to his face, creating a ghastly image. “It is what you think it is. It’s a tunnel to another set of engines.”


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  1. Oh no not another set of engines!

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