59. The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part VI   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 59: The Ancient Engines of Deimos, Part VI: The Crying Game

Caretaker Dave laughed over Sundance’s screams of pain. A Caretaker worked a hand crank which extended the table on both ends. The ropes pulled tightly against Sundance’s legs and arms. “Oh, I haven’t had this much fun since yesterday,” Caretaker Dave said. “How are you feeling?”

Sundance didn’t want to give the Caretakers the satisfaction of a response, but the table continued to extend, threatening to dislocate his limbs, and he screamed some more. The Caretaker winding the crank stopped for a moment to allow Sundance some reprieve. Sundance used this moment to laugh despite the pain.

Is this the best you could do?” Sundance asked. “If you ask me, you’re stretching it a bit far.” He laughed at his joke. Caretaker Dave signaled to his subordinate to continue the torture. Sundance’s laugh once again gave way to screaming as the crank resumed to turn.

Joke all you like, but in the end, our legacy will being tonight!” Caretaker Dave walked over to Sundance and stared into his pained eyes. “And there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Sundance thought it was a bit cliché, but he didn’t care at the moment. He gathered all the saliva he could muster and spit in Caretaker Dave’s eye. This only earned him a stronger tug on his limbs. His eyes rolled back as the sweat poured down his face.

Caretaker Dave,” said another Caretaker in the doorway of the torture chamber. “There is a matter that requires your attention.”

Oh, hate to be rude, but I have pressing business to attention.” Caretaker Dave wiped the spit out of his eye and left the room, leaving orders for his minion not to leave until the deed was done.

The Caretaker stopped the cranking, not because he wanted to show mercy, but because his arm was beginning to get sore from the constant cranking. He rubbed his arm and did a few arm circles to pop things back into shape.

So, what are they paying you here?” Sundance panted. “You get good benefits? Dental?” The Caretaker only stared at him. “What’s your name? Steve? You look like a Steve! How about you stop doing this and let me go. Why do you even have a torture chamber in here anyway?”

The Caretaker only shook his head and reached for the crank.

Whoa, whoa! Steve, can we talk about this?” Sundance pleaded.

Caretaker Dave requires your assistance,” said a voice from the doorway. The Caretaker looked up and saw Caretaker Benjamin and Astralyn standing there.

But he just left,” the torturing Caretaker said.

Do you dare to question him, Caretaker John?” Caretaker Benjamin pointed in the direction Caretaker Dave went. Caretaker John left immediately. When he was gone, he turned to Astralyn and signaled to her that she should go inside the room. “I’ll keep watch.”

Astralyn ran to Sundance’s side. “Sundance, are you alright? We heard you screaming!”

Astralyn, boy am I glad to see you!” Sundance relaxed as Astralyn untied him. He sat up and flexed his arms. “That was an extreme workout, a real scream.” He slid off the table and tried to stand. He fell back onto the table. “Need to rest a bit.”

Well, on the plus side, I think you’ve grown an inch or two,” Astralyn said.

Incoming!” Caretaker Benjamin said. He ran inside the room and motioned for Astralyn to put her hood back on and for Sundance to lie back down on the table.

Ten Caretakers run into the room and survey the area. Caretaker Benjamin and Astralyn were standing by the table with Sundance writhing on it. “Back away from the table,” one of them said. Astralyn and Caretake Benjamin stepped away. The lead Caretaker walked over to Sundance only to be punched in the face.

Sundance jumped up from the table and swiftly kicked the Caretaker in the stomach, causing him to fall over. Astralyn and Caretaker Benjamin began to fight the other Caretakers. Sundance ignored the soreness in his legs and continued to kick the lead Caretaker while he was down. When he was done with that one, Sundance went on to find another opponent. He pulled one Caretaker by the hood and spun him around punch him only to find it was, in fact, Astralyn. “Oh, sorry.”

Behind you!” Astralyn shouted. Sundance ducked and Astralyn kicked the oncoming Caretaker in the stomach. He grabbed his stomach and fell to the floor, breathless. “That felt good!”

Sundance saw that another one was coming for Astralyn. He grabbed her arm and switched places with her. He punched the Caretaker in the face and then in the stomach. He looked back and saw that Astralyn was dealing with another Caretaker that had popped up. He was going to assist when Astralyn hand chopped him in the neck. The Caretaker gagged, grabbed his neck, and then fell to the floor. Sundance was surprised.

All of the Caretakers were unconscious on the floor. Caretaker Benjamin de-robed one of them and gave the robe to Sundance. Once they were all disguised, they put their hoods on and stepped out of the room.

Who is this?” Sundance asked looking at Caretaker Benjamin. “Where’s Timmy? I think they’re going after him!”

Caretaker Benjamin, at your service,” Caretaker Benjamin said.

Timmy is waiting for us at the StarTango,” Astralyn informed. “We just have to get out of here.”

Got it!” Caretaker Benjamin led the way through the engine chambers to the secret tunnel. They quietly made their way out of the tunnel and back into the abandoned building. From there, they ran through the cold night air to the StarTango.

Sundance opened the door and raced inside. “Timmy, let’s get the hell out of here!” He arrived at the cockpit and realized that Timmy wasn’t there. “Timmy?” He looked outside and saw that Caretaker Benjamin was holding a patch of material in his hand, it was maroon.


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  1. Oh no what’s happened to Timmy, will Sundance and A find him in time?? ^_^

  2. Good action, I like.

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