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Well, I just finished rewriting this episode no more than 15 minutes ago and boy am I tired! This episode was fun to write because it’s the culmination of 52 episodes of events that were all orchestrated by The Phantom Commander! Everything was leading up to this episode! I hope it was as epic as I thought it was.

A showdown between his past partner in his current partner. That had to do a number on Sundance’s head. I really wanted to show the turmoil going on in Sundance’s head because he loved both Laertes and Timmy and didn’t want to see either of them die. What would he do to save the one he cared for?

I worried about character consistency in this episode more than any other episode. Usually Sundance is a man of action. His decisions are snap decisions and he rarely hesitates, but slowly throughout the series, he’s become more of a thinker (or I hope he has). This episode shows a breakdown; he starts making decisions based on his emotions.

I wanted there to be a strong relationship between the three characters and I hope that this conflict really brought it to the fore. Above all, I hope it was an entertaining story!

It’s been a great year for the crew of the StarTango and I’m very glad that you were along for the ride! There are many adventures yet to be had. Thank you so much for reading! I greatly appreciate your readership and feedback! Hopefully, I will see you all when I release Season 3 sometime in December or January if things go well!

Be on the look out for other projects by me!

Thank you again,

Xanto Jones


Posted September 19, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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