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So, this episode is a rewrite of the version I wrote back in November. Originally, I had Sundance and Astralyn discovering the entrance at the end of Episode 50 and have them battling the laser pendulums in Episode 51. But I felt that it would be better to change all of that.

In the original version I felt there wasn’t enough emotion between the Phantom Commander and Timmy. How would Timmy feel if he was confronted with the menace that possessed him? What are the thoughts that the Phantom Commander has? I wanted there to be more opportunity for the reader to see just how evil the Commander is. I liked that we got to go inside his head as he searched for the entrance to the cave.

And the bit at the end of Episode 50 with Sundance and Astralyn I added because in the original version, they never really thought about the consequences of going after Timmy. They didn’t really appreciate the gravity of the situation. Their friend was being possessed by an evil being. How do you get rid of such a presence without killing him? Is killing him the only option? I really wanted Sundance to take this in and think about it.

Astralyn’s resentment: I feel bad about this because I really wanted Astralyn to hang in there with Sundance until the very end. That’s just how far she’d go to help him and Timmy. Is sending her away another way of Sundance pushing her away out of some misguided attempt to protect her or is it the writer’s inability to figure out what to do with her? Hmmm… This is something Sundance would want to do alone, anyway.

Tell me what you think? 50 & 51 are the first episodes I’ve completely rewrote and 52 & 53 I’m going to have to rewrite as well. Cause and effect. As I change one timeline, I create a second!

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Posted September 5, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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