50. Son of the Phantom, Part VI   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space

Episode 50: Son of the Phantom, Part VI: On Foot

Having just regained control of Timmy’s body, the Phantom Commander stood up and flexed his arms. He did enjoy the use of Timmy’s body. Not only did he benefit from being able to be corporeal, he also enjoyed the emotional damage he was causing Sundance. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Sundance’s face when he realized his precious Timmy was no longer present. With this thought in his mind, he took a deep breath and headed towards the base of the volcano.

He looked up at the top of the volcano and knew that the entrance that was once there was destroyed by the lava eruption. He cursed the inconvenience of it all, but he was glad that he wouldn’t have to climb all the way to the top of volcano. That would be a major drain on his energy. He had already used a lot of energy to remain in Timmy’s body for a few days. He was bordering burning through the body and that would send him back to square one.

The Phantom Commander decided that it was best to walk around the base of the volcano to scope out any signs of a new entrance. The Massi People had to have created another way to the chamber in case the volcano erupted, or at least he hoped so. He entered the jungle at the bottom of the volcano that was untouched by the lava. He kept darting his eyes from the ground to the side of the volcano for any sign of an alternate entrance.

Twenty minutes went by and still no sign of an alternate entrance. This frustrated him greatly. He didn’t plan on it taking so long. He was only a quarter way around from where he landed the StarTango. The distance between him and Sundance was shortening. The Phantom Commander knew that the mines wouldn’t slow Sundance down for too long. He had stopped to lean up against a tree to catch his breath. With each breath, he felt a wave of panic threaten to overcome him. He had to press on.

He pushed off from the tree and continued his pilgrimage. It wasn’t until he got half way around the volcano that he found an area that was completely untouched by the eruption. The side of the volcano was green and lush. It was a miracle. Half way up was an opening that had been carved into the rock. This was what the Phantom Commander was looking for.

“We’re almost there,” he said out loud, addressing Timmy.

As the Phantom Commander stepped out of the jungle, he felt a burning sensation on his arms. He knew exactly what was happening. He rolled up the sleeves and saw that there were green and black bruises on Timmy’s arms. There were seeping red sores in the center of the bruises. He was burning through Timmy’s body quicker than he anticipated. If he wasn’t careful, he wouldn’t make it up the volcano in one piece.

He had a decision to make: climb the volcano, or use some his energy to teleport up to the landing. He surmised that each would use up the same amount of energy. The expenditure of energy was unavoidable. He quickly weighed his options. He decided that he would rather take the easy way up. He was about to become immortal, what was a little energy compared to everlasting life?

“We’re going for a ride,” he said aloud.

With a snap of his fingers, the Phantom Commander was instantly teleported to the landing halfway up the volcano face. He looked down and shook his head. He really couldn’t imagine trekking all the way up. Then he thought about Sundance. If he was able to find the opening, then so would Sundance. He smirked as he thought about Sundance having to climb all the way up. This would give the Commander more time for sure.

The landing led to deep into the rock face of the volcano. There was an carved archway that contained a large door. The Commander walked up to the door and caressed it. Just beyond the door was the answer to his prayers. He reached into Timmy’s pocket and pulled out the box Astralyn had procured. He opened it and pulled out the old and rusty key. He searched for the keyhole and when he found it, he inserted the key and twisted to the right. The landing began to shake as the large stone door opened. Old air rushed out and blew past the Commander.

The Phantom Commander broke the silence with a loud and sinister laugh. It echoed deep inside of the dark chamber that lay ahead of him. He stepped inside the dark room and pulled out Timmy’s flashlight from his utility belt. The light revealed that there weren’t many options to choose from as far as where to go. Dead ahead was a tunnel, beckoning the weary traveler inside.

“Now we’re talking! Nothing can stop me now!” He stepped into the tunnel and felt his left foot sink into the floor a bit. A collapsible tile. He immediately knew that he had triggered something that wasn’t going to be pleasant.


Sundance managed to safely land the Ganymede next to the StarTango. He immediately stood up and prepared to leave the ship. He grabbed his laser pistol and set it to ‘KILL’. Astralyn saw this and stood up and placed her hand on his gun.

“Surely, you don’t think you’re going to have to use that,” Astralyn said. “I mean, come on, it’s Timmy.”

Sundance shook his head and sighed. “No, it’s not Timmy, it’s Laertes. And if it comes down to it, I might need to do what needs to be done.”

“What needs to be done?” Astralyn repeated. “You’re talking about killing Timmy!”

Sundance only lowered his head solemnly. He removed Astralyn’s hand from his gun and headed towards the back of the ship.

“Wait, Sundance! You didn’t even turn off the ship.” Astralyn leaned over the pilot control panel and started the shut down sequence.

“No, you stay here with the ship,” Sundance commanded. “I need you to fly this back to headquarters and wait for me there.” He looked up and saw the incredulous look on Astralyn’s face. “You said you can fly just about anything.”

“Sundance, I’m coming with you. Let me just shut the ship down and I’ll be ready.”

“I have to do this alone,” Sundance said. “I might have to…” He looked down at his gun. “I don’t want you to see… Just take the ship back to headquarters. I’ll end this one way or another and return on the StarTango.” He saw that Astralyn was going to make an argument, but Sundance stopped her by raising his hand. “I know you want to come with me, but we really don’t have time to argue! Just trust me!”

Astralyn was upset that he was cutting her out, but she knew that Sundance was right. There wasn’t time to argue. She aborted the shutdown sequence and sat in the pilot’s seat. “If I don’t hear from you within 3 hours, I’m coming back and looking for you.”

“Thank you,” Sundance said. He opened the back door and stepped outside.

“Sundance.” Astralyn turned around to look at Sundance’s grave face. “Bring him back.” Sundance flashed his pretty boy smile and shut the door. Astralyn saw his smile fade just before the door closed. She turned back around and started the take off sequence, hoping that she was doing the right thing; that Sundance would do the right thing.


Posted August 29, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

3 responses to “50. Son of the Phantom, Part VI

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  1. Yeah, you’ve put Sundance in a real no-win situation. You can tell from his absence of wise cracks. Congratulations on your 50th episode, dude. I admire your work ethic!

  2. Can Sundance pull it off? Will Astralyn do as she told? These are what we need to know LOL Wow you’ve written 50 episodes kudos to you! ^__^

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