49. Son of the Phantom, Part V   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 49: Son of the Phantom, Part V: Standing in the Way of Control

The Ganymede shook as four mines hit the shields and exploded. Sundance flew the ship as fast as he could, but he couldn’t shake the mines. It was proving just as difficult as he said it was going to be. He didn’t have a clue how to go about losing them. He had purchased the mines in the expectation that he would be the one deploying them, not having to worry about how to ditch them. He thought about letting the mines he’s activated to hit the ship, but he didn’t want to assume the new ship had that kind power. It was time he came up with a plan.

Got any bright ideas, Astralyn?” Sundance asked.

You’re asking me? Now?”

You want a plan, make one! I’m just the man flying the ship.” Sundance gave the ship another hard right and flew away from the mine field. No new activated mines followed them. He flew toward a bright blue planet. That was when Astralyn snapped her fingers. “What?”

Assuming that this planet has the same kind of atmosphere as New Earth, we could dive in there and hope the atmosphere will burn up the mines.” She waited for Sundance’s thoughts on the plan. He raised an eyebrow at her incredulously. “What? I don’t see you coming up with any earth shattering plans.”

Sundance shrugged his shoulders and put the Ganymede into full speed towards the planet. The mines followed closely behind. The ship shook as it hit the planet’s atmosphere. Sundance and Astralyn listened to hear if the plan was working. At first they didn’t hear anything, but then they heard one, two, three mines explode. It was only a matter of time before they all exploded. Astralyn and Sundance gave each other high fives.

Excellent plan,” Sundance said. “Well done indeed.”

Sundance managed to turn the ship around and headed back out into space. During this time, Sundance was able to come up with a plan himself. He cautiously approached the mine field and stayed just out of reach of their sensors. “Give me a report on the weapons we got.” Sundance listened as Astralyn went down the list of weapons the Ganymede had. When he heard the one he wanted, he stopped her. “I want that one!”

Progressive Scan Laser?” Astralyn looked down at her readout and smiled. “Okay, let’s play with that.”

Let’s.” He nodded to Astralyn and she immediately went about making it happen. When it was all powered up, she signaled to him that it was ready. “Fire at will!” Astralyn pressed the button and the Progressive Scan Laser activated just below the ship. An expanse blast of yellow light shot out and started destroying the mines on the left side and slowly worked its way to the right side. Astralyn and Sundance watched as they exploded as if they were well choreographed fireworks.

Great plan, but why didn’t you just do this in the first place?” Astralyn asked.

You’re asking me? Now?” Sundance grinned at her.

As the light from all the explosions died down, Sundance’s face turned serious. It was back to business. Having a slightly better understanding of how to maneuver the ship, he piloted it back towards the planet of Massi, hoping that he hadn’t wasted too much time.


The StarTango safely arrived at the planet Massi. Timmy set the ship down a few yards away from the previously active volcano. When he turned the ship off, the Phantom Commander released his hold on Timmy.

Oh, thank God,” Timmy said as he collapsed on the flight console.

How brave of you, fighting all the way.” The black cloud of a man stood up and looked down at Timmy. “No wonder Sundance likes you. You’ll never be the fighter I was. But after I’m done here, maybe you will be.”

What do you want from me?” Timmy asked.

My life back.” He clinched his fist and caused Timmy to stand up from his seat.

All you had to do was ask,” Timmy groaned. He felt control return to his body. He followed the Phantom Commander to the back of the ship as the back door opened. A warm breeze rolled in, welcoming Timmy back.

“What are we doing back here?” Timmy asked as he closed the door to the ship. He noticed the form of the Phantom Commander hovered slightly above the ground. Knowing that the dark mass was inside of him caused him to shiver.

“Remember that what Astralyn said about the Vial of Eternal Life?” The Phantom Commander asked with a sinister hiss. He turned around and stared at Timmy with his evil red eyes.

“It’s just a myth,” Timmy said.

“Oh, but it isn’t, Timmy old boy.” He floated over to Timmy and looked him right in the eyes. He could feel how uncomfortable it made him. He relished it. “The Vial of Eternal Life is real. You and I are going to get it. And when we do, we will drink it and we’ll live forever!”

“We?” Timmy scoffed. “There’s no we. I’m not helping you do anything.”

The human form of the Commander dissipated and turned into a massive black cloud. “But you will help me. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this again so soon, but it appears granting you your temporary freedom was a mistake. I don’t want to burn out the body so soon.”

Timmy backed away from the cloud and ran back towards the ship. He wanted to get inside the ship, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to open it before the cloud caught up with him. He ran past the ship towards the charred remains of the jungle. He didn’t dare look back. He didn’t know how long he could outrun the cloud. His plan was just to keep running.

The surface of charred, cool lava made running difficult. There were rocks and twigs sticking out that was not conducive to running. He tried as hard as he could to accommodate the terrain, but he finally tripped and slid a few feet. Within seconds, he felt an intense burning in his back. The cloud rapidly shot into Timmy’s back. All the air left his lungs and he struggled for breath. When all of the smoke had been placed inside him, he stood up. His eyes were black as night. The Phantom Commander was once again in control.


Posted August 22, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

2 responses to “49. Son of the Phantom, Part V

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  1. I am jealous of your back catalogue. Having such a rich history you can pull stunts like making The Phantom Commander someone from Sundance’s legendary past. Which I suspect is the case and therefore very cool in a I love comic book continuity kinda way!

  2. Ooo The Phantom Commander is a nasty piece of work. Come on Sundance, Timmy needs you! 🙂 Very exciting, I’m now imagining it as a comic strip.

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