Episode 48: Son of the Phantom, Part IV   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 48: Son of the Phantom, Part IV: Forever Mine

Timmy opened his eyes as if he had woken from a deep sleep. He expected to be in his bed, but instead, found himself in the StarTango, flying it. He tried to look for Sundance but found that he could not move his head. It was as if something was holding his head in place so that he could only look forward.

Don’t freak out too much,” said an unfamiliar voice. “You’re in the StarTango and you’re perfectly safe… as long as you do as I say.”

Who are you?” Timmy asked. He was glad that he was still able to move his lips.

Who I am is immaterial,” the soft, yet dark voice replied. “All you need to do is just fly the ship to the planet Massi and all will be fine.”

Why don’t I believe you?”

That’s you prerogative.”

Timmy looked down at the flight console and saw that they were already on a course for Massi. His hands were already on the controls. He flexed his fingers to see if he could how far he could move them, not very far. He slowly moved his hands apart to test his boundaries. If I can change the course just a little, he thought.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the voice said. “I can cause you great pain if you even think about disobeying me.”

If I knew who I was taking orders from I’d care a little bit more,” Timmy replied.

There was a pause for a moment before the voice said, “You want to see me? I can make that happen.”

Timmy felt control of his neck muscles return. He slowly turned to the right and saw black mass in the form of a man. He was surrounded by a dusty looking black cloud. The man had glowing red eyes beneath it all. Timmy gasped and screamed. He suddenly felt his neck turn back around.

There, are you satisfied now?” the voice asked.

What the hell are you?” Timmy whimpered.

You can call me the Phantom Commander. No doubt Sundance knows that you’ve stolen his ship. He’ll be following us by now, so we’d better hurry.” He looked down at Timmy’s hands and they immediately began to increase the speed of the ship. Timmy winced in pain. “Don’t fight me or I will hurt you. I’d prefer not to do that, yet. In fact, does this ship still have mines?”

Before Timmy could even answer, his hands were already working on the solution to the question. His fingers gingerly entered in the commands and the four hundred mines were released. There was nothing he could do to stop the Phantom Commander from using his body like a puppet.

You’re a monster,” Timmy said.

Sundance helped make me this way,” the commander said, scoffing. “You should ask him about that if he doesn’t die.”

Timmy gulped and wished that Sundance would arrive sooner rather than later.


Sundance had a rough time piloting the newest model of spaceship. He found the control panel to be challenging to understand. He had a hard time flying in a straight line. He cursed under his breath each time the ship lost its equilibrium. “Modern piece of junk,” he muttered.

Are you sure that you don’t want me to fly it?” Astralyn asked. “My father is a pilot. I can fly just about anything… I mean, I haven’t taken formal flight lessons, but…”

No, I’ve got it.” He made it a point to look at Astralyn and smile. He knew that she could pick up on his anxiousness to get to Timmy, but he didn’t want her to think that he couldn’t keep his wits about him. It was then that he first realized that what she thought of him mattered to him.

An alarm sounded and the lights in the cockpit were flashing red. Sundance looked all over for the control that would turn off the sound. “What the hell is going on?”

The computer is obviously picking up on something,” Astralyn said, looking at the panels in front of her. She typed in a few commands and was able to pull up the information. “We’re approaching a mine field. A mine field?”

Sundance’s brow darkened. “Laertes.”

Any way we can avoid them?”

Sundance shook his head. “It’s going to be quite a feat. Those mines can be programmed to attack selected target. In this case, it’s us. They’ll follow us until they’ve accomplished their mission: obliteration.”

You sound like you know an awful lot about mines,” Astralyn commented.

Well, I bought them,” Sundance admitted. Astralyn gave him an incredulous look. “What? They were on sale!” Astralyn rolled her eyes. “You can’t judge me. More power to shields.”

Astralyn punched in a few commands and the shields were strengthened. They could see it glow bright blue as the power level rose. “Shields are at maximum, Captain.”

The Ganymede soon approached the flashing red field of mines. When the ship was within range, the mines’ lights turned blue and slowly drifted towards it.

Sundance gripped the controls and took a deep breath. “Hold onto your butts.” He piloted the ship right for the mines. Just as they were about to hit the ship, he pulled the ship upwards and spun it into a spiral. The mines spiraled behind the ship and threatened to catch up. Another row of mines joined the party and started to approach.

Come and get it!” Sundance sent the Ganymede down and around, collecting more mines as he went.

Do you have a plan or are you just trying to look cool?” Astralyn asked, her fingers clinging to her control panel for dear life.

You mean to tell me that this isn’t cool?” Sundance replied with a wink. Astralyn rolled her eyes. He tried to pull of the tricks he could easily pull off in the StarTango, but he still didn’t have a complete grasp on the new controls. The mines eventually caught up with him.


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2 responses to “Episode 48: Son of the Phantom, Part IV

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  1. Nice closing line. Pretty much sums up Sundance’s style. I have missed your high octane adventures every Tuesday!

  2. I have complete faith in Sundance – he wouldn’t let anything happen to Astralyn – besides he has to save Timmy

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