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Hey Space Adventurers! What did you think of today’s episode! Yeah, I know not a lot happened, but you finally get a little insight on who the Phantom Commander is and what he wants! This was a bit of an infodump.

I think when I wrote this back in November, I realized that there hadn’t been a real focus on Sundance’s and Astralyn’s relationship with each other. It’s been suggested that she and Timmy hang out a lot, but nothing indicates that she’s ever hung out with Sundance without Timmy.  Questions I will try to answer next season is why Sundance isn’t as open to Astralyn as he is with Timmy. What goes on when there isn’t a mission?

The action picks up next week, so don’t miss it!

As always, thanks for reading!



Posted August 8, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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