47. Son of the Phantom, Part III   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 47: Son of the Phantom, Part III: He Wants Revenge

The Phantom Commander is your former partner?” Astralyn asked. “I didn’t know you had a former partner.”

Sundance gave her a forlorn look and nodded his head. “Timmy isn’t my first partner. Before him was Laertes Battaglia. But this can’t be possible.” He looked at Colonel Graves. “How is this possible?” The colonel was silent.

How is it not possible?” Astralyn saw this as her one chance to finally get some information from Sundance. He was always so guarded about his life. Other than the fact that he really enjoys blueberry scones for breakfast, she didn’t really know that much about him. She would ask questions and he would creatively reroute the conversation to something else. If this incident with Timmy was as shocking as they made it out to be, he would have to open up. “What’s going on?”

The reason why this can’t be possible is that Laertes has been dead for three years,” Sundance replied grimly. Astralyn looked shocked. “But somehow, he’s back and he’s taken Timmy hostage.” With his fist in his left hand, he punched his right hand. “I should have seen the signs.”

What signs?” Colonel Graves asked.

When I was possessed by Obsidia, he practically told me who he was… He called me ‘Sunny’.” He placed his now aching hand on his forehead and massaged his temples. “No one called me Sunny but him. And then the thing with Timmy… There’s no way Timmy could have known about my closet incident. Only Laertes knew about it.”

What closet incident?” the colonel asked.

Sundance chose to ignore that question. “The Phantom Commander has been behind most, if not all, of the things that have been going on lately. The Crystal Eggs, the Minos Cube, the cult, the virus… it was all him.”

Why would he do all those things?” Astralyn asked.

Simple.” Sundance lowered his head as he looked up at her. “He wants revenge.”

Astralyn watched as Sundance’s expression grew darker with each moment. Astralyn was frightened by this expression. She had never seen him look so haunted. She wanted to do something that would make him feel better. “So, if The Phantom Commander has taken Timmy, where would they go?”

It was then that Astralyn received a call on her communicator. She reached into her pocket and answered it. “This is Astralyn.”

Ms. Winner, thank goodness I reached you,” spouted Kjartan. He sounded really upset. “That little box you came back with today, it’s gone!” Astralyn and Sundance immediately looked at each other. “Some guy dressed in black came in, messed up the place, and then took off with it. I didn’t see who it was because I was hiding underneath my desk, praying that he wouldn’t find me. I’m sorry.”

Don’t worry about it, Kjartan.” Astralyn turned off the communicator and looked at Colonel Graves and Sergeant Harriman. “I know where he’s going.”

Back to Massi,” Sundance added. “We need a ship.”

Colonel Graves nodded and allowed Sundance the use of any ship he wanted. Sundance chose one of the newest models, the Ganymede. “Good choice, Captain. It is equipped with…”

Later, Colonel,” Sundance interrupted. “The longer we stand here, the further away Timmy gets.”

Understood.” The colonel patted Sundance on the shoulder and looked into his eyes. “Bring him back.”

Aye, sir.” Sundance and Astralyn walked over to the Ganymede and started to get into it when the colonel called out to him.

Bring the ship back in one piece?”

You’re funny, sir.” Sundance saluted him and then climbed inside.

Astralyn waited until they reached the cockpit before she started asking more questions. “So, how did he die?” She sat down in the copilot seat and strapped herself. Sundance did the same and started looking for the ignition sequence.

Damn, these new ships!” he said, scanning the convoluted console. “Things are so damned complicated and they don’t need to be! Is that it? No, that’s for the windshield wipers.”

Sundance.” Astralyn gave a frustrated sigh.

He died in a bad lab experiment,” Sundance said, finally finding the ignition button. “We were trying to figure out how teleportation worked. They needed test subjects. Laertes was the first one to sign up. He liked being a lab rat. Once, they gave him a potion that allowed his hair to change colours on a whim.

Anyway, I digress.” Sundance took a deep breath as he started to recall the events. “The doctors theorized that when something teleported, their molecules would fly apart and then reassemble in another place. They created two tubes, one where the subject would leave and the other where the subject would re-materialize. They put Laertes in the first tube and they started the experiment. Something went wrong with the process. His body started to dematerialize, but it was hurting him, tearing him apart. He begged me to stop the experiment, but we didn’t know what to do. We shut it down, but it was too late; he had already exploded into many molecular pieces.”

Sundance tried to stop a tear from falling, but failed. He lowered his head and left out a sob. “He was so scared. I can still see the look of horror on his face. I shouldn’t have let him do the experiment. I told him it sounded dangerous. He wouldn’t listen. He was stubborn.”

You were a perfect match,” Astralyn joked, hoping it would make him feel slightly better. Sundance gave a soft chuckle.

I thought I saw him die in front of my eyes, but I suppose he hasn’t been dead this whole time,” Sundance theorized. “He’s been slowly collecting himself, plotting his revenge against me.”

I think his motive for revenge is misplaced.” Astralyn reached out and held his right hand. “You can’t blame yourself for the things he’s done. All we can do right now is move forward and rescue Timmy.”

Sundance gave Astralyn’s hand a squeeze. “As always, you’re completely right. Let’s go get Timmy back.” He routed power to thrusters and flew the ship out of the hangar bay and into the stars.


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  1. Go Sundance! Go Astralyn!

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