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Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 46: Son of the Phantom, Part II: Always Sunny

Astralyn entered her office holding the little yellow box in her hands. She carefully set it down on her desk and sat in her chair. Kjartan was sitting at his desk and stared at the box. “You like my box?” she asked.

What?” Kjartan coughed uncomfortably and reconsidered what she just said. “Oh, the box! Yes, it’s interesting. What is it?”

It’s from the Planet Massi.” Astralyn picked up the box and opened it. An old rusted metallic ring key was inside. She carefully pulled it out of the box and held it up for Kjartan to examine. “The extinct people of the Massi believe this key will unlock one of the universe’s highly sought after Vial of Eternal Life!”

The Vial of Eternal Life?” Kjartan leaned closer and examined it. “Do you think it really exists?”

I don’t think so, it’s just a legend.” Astralyn put the key back in the box and closed it. “The Fountain of Eternal Life has been legend for millenia and no one has ever found it.” She stood up from her desk and stretched. “Well, it’s been an action packed day, almost burned alive in a volcano. I’m going to have dinner with the boys. Could you not summon giant man eating robots while I’m gone?”

I’m never going to live that down, am I?” Kjartan lowered his head in shame.


Sitting in their usual place in the Italian restaurant Louie’s, Astralyn, Sundance, and Timmy enjoyed a lovely dinner and had moved onto dessert. Sundance and Timmy both ordered chocolate caramel gelato while Astralyn ordered a cannoli.

And then Timmy decided that it would be a good idea to throw the stick back into the cage at the poor disgruntled bear,” Sundance said, trying not to laugh. “The bear charged at the cage and Timmy fell back onto his ass! It was hilarious!” He belted out a loud laugh. Everyone else in the restaurant looked back at their table, but Sundance had had three glasses of champagne and didn’t care. “Oh, it’s killing me!”

It wasn’t that funny,” Timmy said, embarrassed. “It’s not as funny as the time that you got seduced by some pirate woman. She drugged you and left you naked in a broom closet. Now, that’s funny!” Astralyn laughed while Sundance chuckled uncomfortably. “You had it coming, though!”

Sundance eyed Timmy strangely. “How do you know anything about that? You weren’t there.” Astralyn laughed, but her laughter died down when she saw how serious Sundance’s face was. “There’s no way you could know that!”

Word gets around, Sunny,” Timmy said. “Everyone knows how much of a horn dog you are!” He nudged Sundance on this shoulder. “Lighten up a little!” Timmy looked at his watch and sighed. “Well, as fun as this day has been, I really must get to bed.” He stood up and walked over to Astralyn and gave her a hug. He saluted Sundance and then left the restaurant.

Astralyn and Sundance exchanged confused glances. “Okay, what the hell just happened?” Astralyn asked. “And don’t tell me nothing.”

Sundance just frowned and shook his head. There was something hauntingly familiar with that exchange. He had never seen Timmy act that way before, but he knew someone who acted like that, but that was impossible.

Sundance?” Astralyn poked him on the arm.

Sorry, Astralyn.” Sundance stood up from the table and placed his napkin on the table. “I think I’m going to call it a night as well. I hope that you enjoy your shiny thing.” With that, he left the table, leaving Astralyn swimming in a sea of ‘what-ifs’.


It was a quiet night for the guards at sitting in front of the hangar bay of S.P.A.C.E. Headquarters. The two of them sat outside of the bay in lawn chairs and played a popular children’s card game to while away the hours.

So, I heard the Morrison was being transferred to the terraforming base on Planet Neiman,” said Guard Number One. “I would hate to be that guy! Planet Neiman is pretty darn cold!”

I know, right!” Guard Number Two replied. He placed a red card down on top of the yellow card that was face up. “Mick is planning on applying for that position on Terragon 3, did you hear about that?”

Guard Number One was about to reply but was interrupted when someone dressed in all black suddenly jumped him. Guard Number Two stood up and reached for his laser pistol. The man in all black leaped off Guard Number One and punched Guard Number Two in the face, causing him to fall backward. Guard Number One tried to come up behind the man in black, but with a quick roundhouse to the stomach, the guard was down clutching his stomach.

Stay down,” the man in black suggested. The two guards attempted to stand up, but the man in black took out a laser pistol and shot them both in the shoulder. They fell to the ground and blacked out. “I told you to stay down.” He pulled off the mask he was wearing and revealed himself to be Timmy.

Timmy entered the hangar and spotted the StarTango. That was easy, he thought. I thought there would be more guards than this. The hangar was completely empty; it made his job easier. As he walked over to the StarTango, he pulled a piece of paper and a pen out of his pocket. He tried to imagine the look on Sundance’s face when he learned that his precious ship was no longer there.


Sundance awoke to the sound of his communicator ringing. He rolled over in bed and grabbed it off the nightstand. He answered it in a low groan. “Starmont.”:

“Captain, it’s Sergeant Harriman from the War Room.”

“What can I do for you, Sergeant?”

“It’s your ship, sir…” Sergeant Harriman took a moment to clear his throat. “The StarTango is gone.”

It was then that Sundance bolted out of bed, got dressed, and raced over to headquarters. He ran into the hangar where Astralyn, Sergeant Harriman and Colonel Graves were standing where the StarTango should have been.

Sundance, Timmy’s gone,” Astralyn said.

We think he’s the one who beat up our guards and took your ship,” Colonel Graves reported. “And that’s not all.” He woefully handed Sundance a piece of paper. “And then there’s this.”

Sundance looked up at Colonel Graves for a moment before he read the paper. “Nice to see you again, Sunny D. -The Phantom Commander.” He crumbled the paper in his fist and shook his head.

The Commander? Timmy’s the Commander?” Astralyn asked.

Sundance didn’t reply for a moment. Astralyn’s eyes pressed him for an answer.

No. The Commander’s my old partner…”


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