45. Son of the Phantom, Part I   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 45: Son of the Phantom, Part I: Lava Flow

Astralyn, we’ve been standing here for almost fifteen minutes staring at a box,” Sundance said impatiently. He, Astralyn, and Timmy were standing in a cavern that was located inside of a volcano standing in front a black stone pedestal. On it rested a small yellow tin box. Astralyn stood there with a hand hovering over the box and the other hand with a bag of sand. Sundance watched in frustration. “Can we just take it and leave?”

Unless you want to become so much moon dust, we’re going to take our time.” Astralyn had been concentrating on switching the box for the bag of sand for fifteen minutes. “The Massi People really loved to set up their reliquaries with traps. I, for one, would not like to shot through the face with a poisoned dart or have the ceiling cave in.”

She has a point,” Timmy said.

Well, could you take your time a little bit quicker, please?” Sundance folded his arms and sighed. He turned to Timmy and mumbled. “Why did you have to tell her about the Key to the Vial of Eternal Life? You know how much I hate hunts for shiny things! Next she’ll have us looking for the Heart of Tartarus or maybe the Spleen of Hatshepsut! Or how about a Paper Bag of Destiny! Why the hell not!”

I don’t know,” Timmy said. “It just came to me in a dream the other night.”

You boys aren’t helping!” Astralyn took a deep breath and prepared herself to make the switch. She didn’t like being rushed, but if Sundance thought he had better things to do… She swooped down and snatched the ancient box with one hand and replaced it with the bag of sand. She carefully took a step back and waited for any ill effects. When nothing happened, she let out a sigh of relief. “See, that wasn’t so bad!”

Right,” Sundance said. “Can we go now?”

Astralyn nodded her head. It was then that the cavern started to quake. A loud rumbling noise was heard from outside. Timmy covered his head as bits of the ceiling started to come down. Sundance took time to give Astralyn a look that said, ‘I told you so.’ Astralyn shrugged her shoulders and smiled weakly.

I take it the running comes now, no?” Timmy asked.

The three of them ran out of the cavern and towards the staircase that was connected to the inner wall of the volcano. The lava was rising and swallowing up the steps and the cavern that they had just escaped from. They didn’t want to look back to see just how close the lava was getting to them. They just concentrated on getting back to the StarTango with all of their limbs intact.

The top of the volcano seemed to be very far away. Timmy and Astralyn didn’t know if they could keep running. Sundance kept his eyes focused on the top and powered his legs to push him forward.

They finally reached the top. Astralyn bent over to catch her breath. “We don’t have time for that!” Sundance said. He ran back to her and pulled her along just as the lava was spilling over the side. The StarTango was parked at the bottom of the volcano. When Sundance parked it there, Astralyn gave him a hard time about it, not wanting to have to hike up the volcano, but at this moment, Sundance was very glad he parked where he did.

Gravity decided to give Sundance a hand: Sundance took a misstep and tripped. He fell to the ground face first and began to roll down the side of the volcano. Since he was holding Astralyn’s hand, he took her with him. Timmy, seeing this as a quick way to get to the bottom, slid down the steep hill. This method allowed them to gain a considerable lead. They slid until they reached the StarTango.

Go! Go! Go!” Sundance shouted as he stood up. He opened the door and pushed Astralyn and Timmy inside. He quickly shut the door and ran up to the pilot seat. “Let’s get this show on the road.” He sat down and started the sequence to power up the ship. The ship shook as it attempted to take off. The ship continued to sit there, not wanting to move.

Captain?” Timmy tapped Sundance on the shoulder in a panic as the lava crept closer.

I’m working on it, Timmy!” Sundance replied.

Sundance?” Astralyn joined in the tapping of Sundance’s shoulder.

Daddy’s busy, princess.” Sundance rerouted more power to the engines and gave it all he had. The ship finally kicked into gear and lifted off just as the lava reached them. “Ha! Take that, lava!” Timmy and Astralyn joined in Sundance’s celebration. Sundance wasted no time in piloting the ship away from the erupting volcano and into the stars.

What the hell was that all about?” Astralyn asked, feeling relieved to be away from the planet. “Did you feel need for another challenge or something? Showing off for us?”

Sundance turned around and smirked at Astralyn. “Are you implying that I intentionally stalled the ship to create a greater sense of peril to our already stressful situation? Really? I’m hurt.”

I don’t think you did it on purpose,” Timmy added, trying to circumnavigate an argument. “The ship is really old. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. There was that one time in the Andy Star System where the ship completely stalled in the middle of a space battle.” Sundance looked over at Timmy and raised an eyebrow. Timmy noticed this and returned the gesture. “What, you don’t remember?”

Sundance slowly looked away from him and returned his attention to the stars ahead. “I do remember that. I just didn’t think you were there for that.”

Astralyn sat back and watched the confused looks on their faces and wondered just happened. The air was suddenly full of tension. She wanted to say something to change the mood. “So, I can’t wait to get this box back to the museum.” She waited for Sundance to complain about it, but he said nothing. Neither did Timmy.





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3 responses to “45. Son of the Phantom, Part I

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  1. ““Well, could you take your time a little bit quicker, please?”

    LOL! Loads of action, and liked the repartee.W“Well, could you take your time a little bit quicker, please?” ell, could you take your time a little bit quicker, please?” “Well, could you take your time a little bit quicker, please?”

  2. It’s always a pleasure to visit your serializations and know I’m going to receive a shot of high energy, madcap action. This episode is truly case in point! Julia’s favourite line happens to be mine too.

  3. Thanks a lot! I’m really glad you liked this one! Here I was thinking that nothing happened in this episode! XD

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