44. Mission: Omega, Part XII   6 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 44: Mission: Phantom, Part XII: Helios Falls

Sundance could feel the others’ anxiety. They needed him to take action. He looked back at the last blast door. Any moment now, the one to their right is going to shut down and they would be trapped there and suffocated. But if they ran, they wouldn’t have access to the elevator and could still be trapped on that floor. He couldn’t breathe. He finally decided on the next course of action, they were going to take a chance and…


The elevator door opened. Sundance immediately ushered everyone inside. The door closed just as the last blast door closed. Timmy pressed the ’37’ button and the elevator wasted no time in diving towards the lower decks.

I’m surprised that the elevator is still working,” Astralyn said.

Well, I’m not looking this gift horse in the mouth,” Sundance replied.

Rigel cleared his throat and added, “This is good and all, but what if the sector the docking bay is located in has been shut down and all the air has been sucked out of it? We’d immediately be turned inside out.”

Everyone gasped as they realized that he was right. As soon as the door opened, they’d probably die and there was nothing they could do about it. They looked up at the display that told them what floor they were on and watched as it counted up to thirty-seven. Sundance wished that he had kept the spacesuit, but it wouldn’t have done him any good with all the rips in it.

The elevator finally made it to deck thirty-seven. Everyone held their breaths and waited for the door to open. It dinged and the door slowly slid open. All of them had their eyes closed. Timmy was the first one to open them. He even ventured to take a breath.

There’s still air,” Timmy reported. Everyone exhaled and took a deep breath.

They all filed out of the elevator only to find that they were trapped between two blast doors. Sundance despaired. Despite everything they were still done for.

Why is there still air?” Astralyn asked.

The whole sector must not be shut down yet,” Rigel said.

That means we still have time,” Sundance said.

Rigel smiled at him and nodded. He pointed to a black box connected to the blast door to their left. “Shoot that.” Sundance didn’t have to be asked twice. He pulled out his pistol and shot the box off. It fell to the floor and shattered. Rigel quickly ran over to the exposed wires and worked his magic. The blast door slowly rose out from the floor. “Now we have a little more. The docking bay should be just down this hallway.”

They all crawled underneath the door and ran down the hallway. The docking bay was indeed at the end of it. The station shook again and sent everyone to the floor. Sundance was the first one to stand up. He shot the lock on the door to the docking bay clean off. Rigel grimaced.

I actually had the code for that one,” Rigel said.

Like we had time!” Sundance ushered everyone inside. They all ran towards the StarTango. With Sundance bringing up the rear, Timmy didn’t have the keys to the ship. He knocked three times on the back door and it slid open. Everyone didn’t have to be asked to rush inside.

Astralyn and Timmy took their seats while they waited for Sundance to arrive. Rigel looked for a place to sit, but there was no fourth chair.

Sorry, man,” Sundance said, closing the door behind them. “Standing room only it appears.” He sat down in the pilot’s seat and started the engine. “Everyone buckle up if you can and hold on! Timmy, torpedoes.”

Timmy pressed a button and two torpedoes flew out and busted a hole in the wall. The StarTango lifted off the floor and swiftly flew out of the station just as it was about to enter the planet’s atmosphere. Sundance flew the ship out beyond the ring of defunct satellites. A massive pink beam of energy shot out from the planet’s surface and pierced the space station in half. Tinier lasers shot up and took care of the smaller pieces of debris before it even entered the atmosphere.

Rigel shook his head sadly. “Now the planet is defenseless. The satellites won’t be able to function anymore.”

Timmy looked back at Rigel who was holding on to the back of Astralyn’s chair. “You helped create the satellite program in the first place. I’m sure you can come up with some remote activation program. I could help!”

Rigel smiled excitedly and nodded. “It’s a deal!”

When the debris management was done, Sundance piloted the StarTango back to the surface. He and Timmy were going to have one hell of a debriefing.


For having saved the world yet again, Colonel Graves, Timmy, Sundance, and Astralyn sat at a table in one of Citadel City’s most expensive restaurants free of charge. The men were in their white dress uniforms while Astralyn wore her little black dress. It was a nice carefree evening, despite all that had happened.

Thanks for taking us out to dinner, Grover,” Astralyn said, taking a sip of her champagne.

Thank you for saving the planet again,” Colonel Graves replied.

I hope this kind of treatment doesn’t get old, Colonel.” Sundance patted the colonel on his back and gave a hearty laugh. He had had three glasses of champagne.

Maybe they’d happen more often if you didn’t feel the need to destroy expensive things.” The colonel laughed when he saw how embarrassed Sundance got. “All foolishness aside, we owe you our lives.”

Thank you, Colonel,” Sundance said. He looked over at Timmy and nudged him. “And what about you, Timster? You’ve been quiet all night!” Timmy just shrugged his shoulders.

Hmm.” Astralyn remembered something from the ordeal up at the station. “I dismissed this earlier because I was so happy to have destroyed the virus, but it said something before it died.” Timmy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Sundance leaned in closer with curiosity. “It complained about someone not looking it, like it knew us somehow. Then it said that the Phantom Commander would rise again. Does that mean anything to you?” This wasn’t the first time they had heard about the Phantom Commander. All three men were silent, Sundance more so.

Excuse me.” Timmy stood up from the table and looked at them apologetically. “I think I ate too quickly. I’ll be right back.” He smiled at them and then quietly left the table.

As he left, he could hear Sundance saying that he didn’t exactly know what to make of the virus’s message. Timmy found the men’s room and headed straight to the sink. He turned on the faucet and splashed his face with water. He slowly looked up at his reflection. His eyes were completely black. He blinked and his eyes returned to their normal colour. He shook the haunting image out of his mind and then left to rejoin his friends.


Posted July 18, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

6 responses to “44. Mission: Omega, Part XII

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  1. Yay they saved the planet! Oh No but the virus is in Timmy isn’t it? Where will it spread to next…..

  2. Oh, it’s already affecting Timmy. I do wonder what will happen next. You have a very engaging story going here. I like your characters. I like how the hero wins, but the story continues with hints of future challenges.

    Very nice, thank you for sharing it.
    Nameless (Serial)

    • Thank you, Kwee! I’m glad you find this so engaging! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the new storyline premiering tonight! BTW, I read Part 1 of Nameless! I’m intrigued.

  3. Oh no, Timmy! Say it isn’t so! 😀 I really liked the ending to this one, it had a lot of suspense to it. I can’t wait to find out more about this Phantom Commander.

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