43. Mission: Omega, Part XI   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 43: Mission:Omega: Part XI: Endgame

Astralyn dove and grabbed her laser pistol and shot up at the virus. It hesitated for a moment, trying to decide whether it should attack Astralyn or Rigel.

This was all Rigel needed. He flicked the switch again and the machine shaped like a small bazooka vibrated into life. He pressed another button and a large purple wave flew out and hit the virus in the face. The particles of the cloud wavered and were pushed back to the wall Astralyn had been standing at. He confidently stepped forward and continued to blast the virus, dispersing the particles.

It tried to fly through the ceiling to get away, but Rigel increased the power. It instantly burst into many pieces. “YOU HUMAN SCUM!” it shouted as it started to rain black ash. “You have not seen the last of me! The Phantom Commander will rise again!

Astralyn stood up and got out of the way of the ash collecting on the ground. It was the most beautiful thing she had seen so far today. As she looked closely at the ash that fell in groups, she saw the shape of a man that looked like it was walking towards her. Astralyn gasped and took a step back. A second later, the apparition was gone. All of the ash collected on the floor.

What happened?” Astralyn asked.

Well, the Disrupter disrupted the particles, separating them. The Decoder pulled the virus code from the viable code. The Powertron just broadcasted the signal.” Rigel looked rather proud of his achievement. “We should probably get back to the control room and see just how much damage the virus has done.”

Astralyn agreed.


Astralyn and Rigel arrived at the control room first. Their eyes immediately when to the multiple screens displaying the countdown clock– 3:00 and counting.

They didn’t stop the lasers,” Astralyn gasped.

The hell we didn’t,” Sundance said as he and Timmy entered the room. “We almost got killed by the damned virus while doing so!” He looked at the weapon in Rigel’s hand and asked, “What the hell is that?”

Long story short,” Rigel replied. “The virus is dead.”

Ding dong,” Timmy cheered.

“If you stopped the lasers, why is the clock still counting down?” Astralyn asked.

Timmy and Rigel went over to one of the consoles to check the status of the lasers. When they read the data, they both looked confused.

The laser system is down,” Rigel said.

Then what is it counting down to?” Sundance asked himself. Nothing good. “We need to get out of here.” He clapped his hands and led everyone out of the room.

Don’t you want to see what’s going to happen?” Rigel asked.

Not really,” Sundance replied.

Astralyn waited until the clock reached 0:00 before she left. When the last second counted down, the entire station shook. Astralyn had to steady herself in the doorway. She struggled to stay on her feet as she ran to catch up with Sundance and the others. They were having the same problem.

An alarm sounded and caused everyone to cover their ears in addition to trying to keep their balance. Sundance turned to Rigel and shouted, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

A giant metallic door slid down in front of the tunnel that led to the control room. Sundance didn’t need an answer for that. He pointed to the end of the hallway and they all ran in that direction. As they ran, blast doors slid down behind them.

The station was dying. It was shutting down all of the remaining sectors. The engines that helped keep the station in orbit above New Earth stopped. The station was slowly crashing down towards the planet.

Sundance needed to warn Colonel Graves. He pulled out his communicator and dialed the headquarters. When Sergeant Harriman answered, he requested to be patched into the colonel. “Colonel, the station is falling into the atmosphere! You have to blow it up!”

That’s your response for everything,” the colonel said. “We just can’t blow up millions of credits of technology just because you say so!”

Dammit, Colonel! The space station is going to come down as one major fireball of hell! It’s going to kill millions of people! You have to blow it up!”

Colonel Graves must have received information that the station was, indeed, falling to the ground, because he cleared his throat and coughed. “Captain, you and your people had better be ready to get out of there.”

We’re already on it, sir.” Sundance placed his communicator back in his pocket before he heard the colonel say that they had less than seven minutes.

The foursome had been able to stay ahead of the shutdown. Rigel attributed this to the fact that the virus was no longer working against them.

We need to find an elevator,” Timmy shouted over the din of the alarm. Sundance nodded his head. Rigel led them to the nearest elevator.

Rigel pressed the button for the elevator to come, but the doors didn’t open. He and the others watched anxiously as the sector shutdown rapidly approached them. He jammed the button impatiently, knowing that it wasn’t going to suddenly appear any quicker.

Sundance wanted to take out his pistol and shoot the button, but it wasn’t going to work this time.

They jumped as another blast crashed to the floor. They had two more doors before the shutdown reached them. He tried to think of other alternate ways of getting to the docking bay on the thirty-seventh deck, but there was no way to get down there before…

Another door slammed down. Everyone looked at the elevator in the hopes that the door would open. Sundance had to make a decision: Should they stay in the hopes that the elevator opens or should they continue to run? He only had a few seconds to make it.


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  1. Oooh are they gonna get out before the stations blows? Great adventure!

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