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Astralyn just can’t seem to catch a break. Reading back through this story, I realize that Astralyn has gone through a lot of crap. The virus is definitely not cutting her any slack. It went easy on the boys. I wondered why this is. I think this was Astralyn’s storyline to shine. This was like her chance to prove to the readers that she’s smart and highly capable of handling things without Sundance and Timmy.  I wanted to see if she could handle it, really.

I was really unsure of what to do with her after The Crystal Eggs. I didn’t want her to become the Dawn equivalent from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What I mean by this is, Dawn was pretty important in Season 5. She was The Key, she was a shiny thing that Buffy had to keep alive and away from the Big Bad. Once Season 6 rolled around, she was still there… her role completed, not contributing to the series in any way. It was like the writers didn’t know what to do with her or how to make her leave. I didn’t want Astralyn to wind up in the same boat. In this storyline, she is earning her keep. Giving as good as she’s gotten.

I had a hard time justifying Astralyn’s involvement past The Cult of the Obsidian Mask storyline. She’s not a S.P.A.C.E. member and therefore shouldn’t really be hanging out with Sundance and Timmy on official missions. In any military operation, civilians would not be allowed to go on these adventures. Right now I have it that Colonel Graves is really good friends with Astralyn’s family and he trusts that Sundance and Timmy won’t let anything happen to her while they’re out fighting evil.  I had really been struggling with this. I’ve consulted friends about what to do with Astralyn.

A friend gave me a really good idea. Why not have Astralyn become a consultant like Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. He’s not military, but he’s authorized to go on missions with the team because he is of some use when it comes to cultures and shiny things. In Episode 33, Astralyn mentions the idea of becoming a consultant for S.P.A.C.E because she is quite handy with the shiny things, too. Brilliant! So Astralyn’s in for the long haul and she’s enjoying every minute of it, even if she almost suffocated to death!

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July!




Posted July 4, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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