42. Mission: Omega, Part X   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 42: Mission: Omega, Part X: Best Laid Plans

Timmy! Timmy, talk to me,” Sundance cried. Timmy still wasn’t awake. “Come on, man!” He placed two fingers underneath Timmy’s nose to determine if he was breathing. He felt no breath. “No, no, no.” Sundance had been holding Timmy up, but he promptly laid him down. “Timmy, I command you to breathe!” He started doing chest compressions. He bent down and opened Timmy’s mouth. He placed his lips to Timmy’s and breathed into them. He repeated the cycle a couple of times before he became distraught. “No, not again! I won’t lose another one!”

Another what?” Timmy’s weak voice said. Sundance looked down and a tear fell from his eye. “Captain, what happened? Why are you crying? You’re freaking me out.”

Sundance picked Timmy up and hugged him. “I thought I lost you for a minute, but now I see I was a bit premature in planning your funeral.”

What, so you can have my radio?” Timmy joked. Colour was beginning to return to his face. “I think not.” He found the strength to sit up. “Did we do it? Did we shut off the lasers?”

We’ll have to see back at the control room,” Sundance replied, trying to regain his composure. “Think you can stand?” Timmy nodded his head. Sundance helped Timmy up. After they took their spacesuits off, they headed for the control room.


Astralyn and Rigel tiptoed down a hallway that was all painted yellow. They had the second component, the Disrupter, in tow. They were thankful to not have run into the virus in a while, but Astralyn knew that it was only a matter of time.

We’re almost there,” Rigel said. “You know it’s been a while since those homicidal service bots attacked us.”

Astralyn smacked Rigel in the back of the head with her available hand. “Don’t say that! Now they’ll definitely show up for sure!” She scanned the periphery in a paranoid fashion. There were no signs of the service bots. It was possible that the virus could only do so many things at once. That meant that it was probably bothering Timmy and Sundance. She hoped that they would be alright. If she and Rigel succeeded in their mission, they wouldn’t have to worry about the virus much longer.

They had been checking each of the rooms on the door for the Decoder Lab. Rigel walked up to the closed doors and inspected the room numbers. When they weren’t the ones that he was looking for, he pressed onto the next room.

Are you sure you know where you’re going?” Astralyn asked impatiently. She knew that there had to be at least five minutes left on the counter. They needed every second to count.

I know that it’s on this deck,” Rigel replied. “I just don’t remember which room! It has to be one of these.” He walked to the next one and smiled. “This is it.” He held his yellow key card to the card reader and it beeped. The door slid open and allowed them to enter. “Told you.”

Smug doesn’t suit you,” Astralyn said, stepping before him. The door slid closed behind them. “Alright, let’s hurry up and make this thing.”

Two steps ahead of you,” Rigel said. He walked over to one of the desks in the corner of the laboratory and checked the drawer. He found various forms of sticky paper with notes scribbled on them. He moved those aside and found a set of keys. He took those and walked over to a locked cabinet. Once he unlocked the cabinet, he pulled out a small metallic box that had its own lock. He used the other key on the chain to unlock the box.

Don’t tell me, it’s another box with a lock on it,” Astralyn said.

Rigel ignored her. He wanted to say that being a smart ass wasn’t becoming of her, but she was holding the gun.

He opened the box and pulled out a small computer chip. He held it up in admiration. “Found it.” He walked over to the Powertron and the Disrupter. “Now to put these things together.”

Well hurry it up,” Astralyn said, impatiently.

It was then that black dust began to seep into the room from the ceiling. Astralyn saw this and immediately started to fire at it. The virus chuckled at her as the lasers went right through it. She turned up the intensity, but the beam only hit the wall behind the cloud.

Rigel froze and stared at the menacing face of the virus. He wanted to run, but they had come too far and overcome so much to run now.

Keep working!” Astralyn continued to fire at the virus’s eyes like she had done last time. It turned on her and enveloped her within itself. She screamed and fell to her knees. “Rigel!” she cried out.

Rigel regained control of himself and quickly began working on combining the three components.

Astralyn stood up and opened the door behind her. She ran outside where she had a better chance of fighting back. She saw that the virus followed her. Red lightning flickered inside the black cloud. In a flash of red light, electricity lashed out and blasted the wall behind her. She rolled out of the way and fired a shot at its eyes. The virus took another shot at her. It whizzed by her arm and nicked her. She dropped her laser pistol and it slid across the floor.

The virus saw this and chuckled. “I may have failed to kill you once, but I will not fail again.” It loomed ever closer to her. Astralyn backed away until she hit the wall.

The virus reveled in its near victory as it slowly closed in on Astralyn. “For years, I followed him, watched him. Never once did he look for me. Not once. He found new friends, but now I’ll take them all away, starting with you!”


Inside the laboratory, Rigel finished the weapon. He raced outside and saw that the cloud was approaching Astralyn.

Hey virus! Chew on this!” He flicked the switch on the machine triumphantly. Nothing happened. Before Rigel could figure out what was wrong, the virus dove towards him.


Posted July 4, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

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  1. Oh no, run Rigel! 🙂

    I think I found a typo “The virus reveled – shouldn’t there be another l in revelled

    You do like that word chuckled yet a virus chuckling doesn’t somehow, to me at least, seem to fit a nasty virus – you have two spots where you say this:

    1: ‘The virus chuckled at her as the lasers went right through it.’ Maybe sniggered as an alternative?

    2: ‘The virus saw this and chuckled. “I may have failed to kill you once,”‘ maybe laughed dismissively

    Anyway these are just suggestions for alternatives, you don’t have to use them or even agree with me. :o)

    • Thanks for reading! 😀 No, there’s only one L in reveled. 🙂 I do like the word ‘chuckled’ but you’re right, it’s not a good representation of what I truly mean.

  2. Ah of course that’s the American spelling and I use the British – hands across the sea eh!

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