41. Mission: Omega, Part IX   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 41: Mission: Phantom, Part IX: Cruel Intentions

Timmy and Sundance stepped back from the control panel and watched as the black cloud spun into existence. They instantly reached for their laser pistols and fired at it. The red eyes blinked and then slightly shook up and down, as if it was somehow laughing at them.

Your puny lasers are no match for me,” the virus said. Its voice was coming in through their communication devices inside their helmets. “They merely tickle me!”

Even ticklish people laugh until they can’t breathe anymore,” Sundance replied.

What?” Timmy and the virus asked in unison.

Nevermind.” Sundance continued to fire at the virus. It swelled up to the size of a hot air balloon before it dove at them. Sundance and Timmy covered their faces as virus flew by them. Sundance dared to open his eyes and saw nothing but the darkest black. The light of the sun returned when the virus was done swooping by them.

Is that all you got?” Sundance shouted. “You’re just going to swoop us to death?” Sundance forced a laugh.

The black cloud quickly spun around and glared at them. Its eyes narrowed as red electricity crackled within them. Red streaks reached out in the form of lightning and struck Sundance and Timmy. The force was strong enough to overload the magnetic boots and sent Sundance and Timmy flying backward. The virus cloud laughed as Timmy and Sundance struggled to get their boots working again.

Sundance pressed several buttons on the front of his suit at the same time. He didn’t know which one he pressed, but the magnetic boots finally kicked back into gear and they brought him down to the station wall. He looked behind him and saw that Timmy had managed the same feat.

I will tear your spacesuits apart and flay the skin from your flesh!” the virus taunted. “It’s less than you deserve!”

Oh, please, tell us what we deserve!” Sundance aimed his laser pistol and fired into the left giant eye. “How about those apples?”

Timmy followed suit and shot at the virus cloud. He looked down at his feet and saw that he was standing over another control panel. He hoped that Sundance would keep the virus busy while he got down to business. He knelt down and opened the panel. There was a lever that he would have to pull up in order to disable the satellite lasers. He wasted no time and pulled it. He imagined the lasers finally standing down.

Sundance continued to fire at the black cloud as it swooped around him, covering him completely, shocking him with electricity. He heard a pop and hiss! He immediately knew what it meant. He started to panic when he heard more pops. He looked down at his spacesuit and saw rips all along his legs and arms. He was leaking air into space. He got down on his knees and tried to defend himself from the cloud.

Yes, kneel to me!” The voice seemed to hiss as well. “Pray to whatever god you hold dear as your precious air leaves you. I failed at suffocating the female, but there’s no escape for you!”

Astralyn!” Sundance looked above him and saw the evil red eyes stare down at him with malicious glee. He wanted to punch the smirk out of them, but he feared if he moved unnecessarily he would use up whatever air he had left.

You are frozen in fear,” the virus laughed.

Could you stop narrating, please?” Sundance shouted.

Sundance didn’t like the idea of giving up. He came up here to complete a mission, air leak or not, he had to get it done. He slowly stood up and ignored the hissing sound. He knew that he wasn’t too far from a control panel. He pressed a button that minimized the amount of gravity that the boots generated and he started to rise off the station.

Time to go out in glory,” Sundance said. He ran as fast as he could as he raced over to the nearest control panel. The virus cloud spun around him, ripping holes into his suit with each step. Sundance didn’t care; he was almost there. He continued to run, thinking about shutting off the lasers.

He finally arrived at the control panel and quickly knelt down to open it. He reached inside and pulled the level. While there was no visual confirmation that he had succeeded, he could hear the virus snarl and curse.

Sundance looked up at Timmy, who waved at him.

Last one, Captain!”

Without warning, the virus shot over to Timmy and attacked him in a flurry of black dust! Timmy screamed as the virus shook him.

Timmy! No!” Sundance stood up and fired his laser frantically, hoping to injure it just once! What other way could he defeat this virus?

Sundance could see the virus lift Timmy up into space. He gave it one last shot and fired. The virus’s eyes spun around and glared at him.

Do you really think that I care about a couple of lasers, Captain?” It said “Captain” with such disdain. It dropped Timmy back onto the station. He wasn’t moving. “I have what I want.”

Shut up!” Sundance ran over to Timmy as the black cloud slowly seeped back inside the station. “Timmy? Timmy?” He knelt down and picked his unconscious friend up. Timmy’s suit was just as torn up as his. They had to get back inside as soon as possible.

He effortlessly carried Timmy over to the airlock door and opened it. He shut the door behind them and laid Timmy on the floor. He pressed the button that would pressurize the room. When it was complete, Sundance opened the door that led back inside the ship. He ran back to Timmy and pulled his helmet off.

Come on, Timmy! Please wake up!” Sundance said. “You’re okay. You’re okay! You’re okay!”

Timmy’s eyes didn’t open.



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  1. Ooh will Timmy live? What did the virus run off with? Hopefully these and other questions will be answered in another nail biting episode next week 😉

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