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Episode 40 was a good episode for me. This episode had a lot of action in it. One of the scenes that really struck me was the scene where Astralyn is in danger of being suffocated to death! Oi, and the running! My characters do a lot of running. It reminds me of Indiana Jones running away from the rolling boulder. Each blast door is a little lower than the previous, making it less likely to squeeze through. When I see scenes like this on TV or in a movie, I tense up. I would hate to be left behind. I gotta be the guy who runs faster than everyone else. In my current state, that’s not going to be happening any time soon.

I don’t know how you felt about the suffocation scene. When I originally wrote it, it was only a sentence or three long. Since I wrote this during Nanowrimo, I was really interested in moving the story along and getting those words. After looking it over, I felt it necessary to expand on the moment. Using one of my worst fears, of suffocation by drowning, I was able to imagine what it would be like to know you were going to suffocate to death. I’m not sure if I truly captured the true essence of what that would be like.

I wanted to focus on Astralyn dying with regrets of not telling Sundance how she felt, depending on what that was. She is admitting she has feelings for him? You never know. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on their relationship. In future episodes, I will focus on it. I have it floating around in my mind and sometimes it leaks out onto the page, but there’s no room because the adventure is demanding most of the screen time. Sometimes I find it irritating in movies when the tension is at its highest, the male and female love interests suddenly break down and have sex or make out. It totally kills the moment for me. A peck or a ten second kiss is understandable, but two whole minutes of moaning and grunting and… well… I think I got off topic. I am hoping to circumnavigate my prudish nature and bring a little somethin’ somethin’ to MiS…

Thank you for reading!


Posted June 20, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

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