Ellipsis: Episode 39   Leave a comment

I liked this episode. This episode features Astralyn taking charge, kicking butt, and taking names. I really wanted to give her something to do. I think this storyline is the first one where Astralyn is given a weapon of any kind. (Actually, this is false. Timmy gave Astralyn a laser pistol in Episode 19!) Before she had always just been there.  I’m proud of how far Astralyn has come and I look forward to seeing where she goes from here.

I had to give props to Star Wars by giving Astralyn the “These are not the bots we seek,” line. I couldn’t pass it up! I’m sure it was a groaner, but it was very fitting!

Lately, I’ve been finding it hard coming up with commentary for every episode I write, because sometimes there just isn’t anything to talk about that I think is interesting. So I’m going to hold off on writing these until there’s something I feel is worthy of your time! I appreciate your readership!

Thank you for reading!



Posted June 20, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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