40. Mission: Omega, Part VIII   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 40: Mission: Omega, Part VIII: Red Sector Shut Down

Rigel ducked back into the laboratory and grabbed the Powertron. He joined Astralyn in the marathon to the end of the sector.

What is that thing?” Astralyn asked. She then realized that there were more pressing things to worry about at the moment. When Rigel was about to answer, she just shook her head and kept running.

A thick metal door with the words ‘Blue Sector B-1’ started to slide down from the ceiling. Astralyn gasped and began to run faster. Rigel, having shorter legs that Astralyn, found it hard to keep up with her. He pushed himself harder and was able to duck underneath falling door.

Astralyn looked back to make sure that Rigel was still with her. She looked ahead at the next door that was lowering before them. “Come on, Rigel!” She reached back and grabbed his hand and pulled him along. Together they were able to make it through.

The next door was lower than they would have liked. Astralyn didn’t want to admit it, but there was the possibility they weren’t going to make it.

As if he had been reading her thoughts, Rigel said, “I don’t think I can do this much longer. If something happens to me, you need to keep going and find the Disrupter and the Decoder.”

Shut up and run!” Astralyn pulled on Rigel harder. He almost tripped, but he was able to keep running. When they reached the door, they crawled underneath it just as it was closing.

One more door!” Rigel shouted.

The next door had a good head start on them. Astralyn was starting to get out of breath. She was getting a stitch in her left side. She felt that Rigel was beginning to slow down. She closed her eyes and drew up as much strength as she could. She pulled Rigel up in front of her and pushed him down. Rigel slid underneath the door just before it closed. She was not so lucky.

Rigel quickly stood up and stared at Astralyn through the window in the door. He pounded on the door and shouted her name.

Hurry, go and find the other components!” Astralyn cried. “It has to be you!”

Astralyn! Hold on!” Rigel set down the Powertron device and started trying to input codes into the box that controlled the blast door. “Hold on!”

Astralyn turned her back to Rigel as the lights turned off. She was very frightened. If Rigel was right, she knew what was coming up next. The air would be sucked out of the sector as it opened itself into space. She tried to hold her breath to help contain the fear, but her whole body was shaking. She was going to die.

Rigel was furiously punching buttons on the other side, but nothing was working. He looked up at Astralyn with a hopeless expression. Astralyn turned around saw this expression.

It’s okay,” Astralyn said, choking on her words. “Just tell Captain Sundance what happened. Find the other components and help Sundance!”

A click sounded followed by a hiss. It was beginning. She wanted to frantically bang on the door and beg Rigel to let her in, but she knew that the virus had made absolutely sure that there was nothing he could to save her.

As the air leaked out of the room, Astralyn thought about all of the things she wanted to discuss with Sundance. She regretted that she had wasted so much time and now she was going to die without sharing her true feelings. She turned her back to the wall and slid to the floor, waiting to suffocate to death.

She could feel the air quickly leaving the room. She wanted to hold onto her breath, not risking letting the carbon dioxide out and not getting more air. With each passing second, her mind fought against biology and the need for air became more pressing. Astralyn finally gave in and exhaled. She saw her breath as the temperature dropped to reflect the coldness of space. She opened her eyes and took a deep breath, thin and cold. There was no more air.

Rigel watched this and panicked. He continued to press more buttons, but none of them did anything. What could he do? He looked down at the floor and saw the Powertron. Then he looked up at the control box. Why not? He picked it up and smashed it into the box several times. The plastic face fell to the floor, exposing the circuitry. He quickly set the Powertron down and started fiddling with the wires and circuits. He knew he could work with this. In under a minute, he was able to regain control of the door.

“Here goes nothing,” he said. He connected two wires he was holding and the door slid open, allowing Astralyn to breathe fresh air. Rigel reached down and helped Astralyn up.

Thank you so very much,” Astralyn gasped.

No, thank you,” Rigel replied as he ordered the door to shut. “It was your idea, I just modified it.”

When Astralyn caught her breath, she said, “Now let’s go find those other two components.” Rigel led them down the hallway towards the elevator, not knowing when the virus was going to make its move.


Sundance and Timmy safely arrived on the outside of the space station. They immediately activated their magnetic boots and they stuck to what now became their floor. Sundance shielded his eyes from the sunlight and scanned where the first power shut off would be. He realized that he was in such a hurry to get this task done that he didn’t ask Rigel what to look for. It was too late to go back inside. He estimated that they only had about ten to fifteen minutes to get the laser defense system shut down.

As he was reading Sundance’s mind, Timmy asked, “Do you know what we’re looking for?”

I’m sure we’ll know when we find it,” Sundance said. “How about you check over there?” He pointed to a random area and Timmy quickly went to investigate.

I think I found one!” Timmy exclaimed. Just as he was about to reach down to pull open the control panel, a black cloud of what looked like a swarm of insects rose out of the space station, its red eyes staring right at him.


Posted June 20, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

2 responses to “40. Mission: Omega, Part VIII

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  1. You built some really good sit on the edge of your seat tension with Astralyn being trapped, well done. Oh no the evil virus is about to get Timmy and Sundance, bites nails and eagerly awaits next week’s episode!

  2. Helen: I am so glad you found it satisfactory! Tension is one of those things I am working on! I’m so happy it worked! 😀

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