39. Mission: Omega, Part VII   4 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 39: Mission: Omega, Part VII: Hide and Seek

Astralyn waited to see if the service bots would pass them by. She hid in the doorway and watched. The small bot scooted close by the laboratory. She was absolutely quiet. The bot stopped for a moment and accessed the situation. It stood there for two minutes before it decided to move on. Astralyn let out the air she had been holding in her lungs.

I found the first component!” Rigel shouted.

Astralyn tried to shush him, but it was too late. The service bot had already turned around and spotted them. Astralyn had no choice but to shoot it before it sent out a signal summoning the others. The bot sparked and sizzled as it powered down permanently. Rigel stepped out of the office holding what looked like a small satellite dish on a stick.

Sorry,” he said.

We have about thirty seconds before the other service bots come to figure out what happened to this one,” Astralyn said. She looked at the satellite dish. “Is that it?” Rigel nodded. “Then, let’s book it!”

Together they ran out of the lab and raced down the hallway only to be stopped by a collection of larger bots. These seemed to have unnecessarily big laser guns. They tried to backtrack but there were some bots amassing just behind them.

I don’t think these are the bots we seek,” Astralyn said. She aimed her gun and shot at the ones behind her. She held them off for a bit, but the larger bots were getting closer. She couldn’t fend them all off.

Rigel ran over to one of the rooms and took out his key card. He pressed it up against the key card reader, but it did nothing. “Oh, come on! Come on!” He pressed it up against the reader urgently as if to impart onto it the severe need he had for it to do its job. The door did not open. “No! Don’t do this to me!” He looked at his red key card and realized that the card reader only accepted blue key cards! Rigel cursed and punched the door.

Stand back,” Astralyn commanded. She shot the card reader and it popped as sparks flew out of it. The door was only too happy to oblige them. They ran inside the room and quickly shut the door. The bots on the other side fired their lasers at it, but nothing could get through.

I’ve never seen the security bots do that before,” Rigel gasped. “The virus must be corrupting everything that the station controls, not just the laser defense system.”

That’s nice to know.” Astralyn felt another laser blast hit the door. “Is there a way to stop them?”

No.” Rigel bluntly replied. “We have to stop the virus first and to do that we need to find the other two components.”

The bots outside fired another shot at the door causing it to shake. Astralyn wondered how long it would take for the bots to get bored and go away.

Where are the other components?” Astralyn asked.

One is just one deck below us in the Disrupter Lab.” Rigel set the Negatron on the floor by the door. “Two minutes ago, it didn’t seem so far away.”

Astralyn listened. She couldn’t hear the bots firing outside. Were they gone? Was it a trap? Then another thought popped into her mind. What if they didn’t leave just because they were bored? What if they left because something bigger and badder is just around the corner? The thought chilled her.

I think we might be okay,” Rigel said. He reached up and pressed the button to open the door. Astralyn pulled his hand away and shook her head at him.

We don’t know if they’re really gone!” Astralyn whispered.

I think we might have a bigger problem,” Rigel said, sadly. He pressed the button again. The door didn’t open. Astralyn noticed this too and pressed the button. The door remained closed.

Oh, don’t leave on my account,” said the virus’s voice.

The laboratory they found themselves trapped in was lit with white emergency lighting, but the light quickly faded to black. Rigel held on tight to the door. Astralyn gripped her pistol and was ready to shoot at the first thing that moved.

A black cloud formed in the far right corner of the room and crept along the floor towards their feet. It was cold and full of negative energy.

Your futile attempts to stop me have been amusing up until now, but I’m afraid the time for fun and games are over.” The virus gave a frightening chuckle.

Black energy was swirling in the back corner. Astralyn and Rigel could feel it building. A tiny red light appeared in the same corner. It grew brighter with each passing second.

DUCK!” Astralyn shouted.

They both fell to the floor as the red light flew past them and hit the door. They looked up to see another ball of light was forming in another corner of the room. It was aimed right for them.

MOVE!” Astralyn commanded. They both crawled under the nearest table. The red ball of light shot at the table and it exploded. Astralyn and Rigel crawled to the next table only to have it explode as well.

The black cloud soon transformed into a giant dark face with enormous floating red eyes. “You can’t hide forever!”

But we’ll sure as hell try!” Astralyn stood up and fired a shot at one of the red eyes. The virus growled, irritated. The red eyes shook violently.

Rigel slid across the floor towards the Powertron. He held it up and flipped a switch. A pink beam shot out and hit the floating black mass in the eyes. The eyes exploded in a flash of red light. The black mist cleared up and the white light returned. The door clicked open. Astralyn slowly got up and waited to see if anything else was going to come at them. Nothing did.

Then a loud alarm sounded throughout the hallway. Astralyn and Rigel walked outside in confusion.

What’s happening?” Astralyn asked.

This sector is shutting down,” Rigel replied, voice full of dread. “If we don’t get out of here, we will be trapped and suffocated.”


Posted June 13, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

4 responses to “39. Mission: Omega, Part VII

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  1. That’s scary. Will they escape or is this the end of the series!?
    Death by suffocation, rather an overlooked possiblity in space travel. Good job.

  2. Oh will they get out in time, bites nails and awaits the next epidsode :O)

    Can say something- this sentence ““Your futile attempts to stop me have been amusing up until now, but I’m afraid the time for fun and games are over.” The virus gave a frightening chuckle.” The virus gave a frightening chuckle, just didn’t seem to fit for me. I personally think the sentence is better without it. The piece on the end seems to make it comical to me – just suggestion, take it or leave it as you please.

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