38. Mission: Omega, Part VI   4 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 38: Mission: Phantom, Part VI: Plans A & B

Sundance and Timmy reached the end of the tunnel from the main control room and carefully opened the door. Sundance poked his head out into the hallway and checked to see if the service bots were still waiting for them, anxious to get their pound of flesh. He couldn’t see them, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t there. He readied his pistol. He gently pushed the door open and stepped outside. He couldn’t hear the scuttling of wheels or the whir of machinery so he deemed it safe to leave the tunnel.

Timmy followed him and readied his pistol. “I want to be ready for those little buggers when they come back.”

Good thinking,” Sundance said. “Now, where’s the nearest locker room?”

Timmy walked over to the nearest directory and studied it. “It’s two decks below us.”

Sundance moaned. “How come they’re never anywhere close to where we are? Let’s get a move on.”

They proceeded back to the elevator. The doors opened immediately and they stepped inside. Once the doors closed, the elevator dropped by two floors and promptly let them out. The hallway was just as dark as the one they just left.

Timmy took out his flashlight and led them towards the locker room where he hoped the spacesuits would be located. “It’s over this way.”

The hallway was filled only with the sound of their footsteps. This put both of them on edge, their fingers never far from the trigger of their pistols. Those bots had to be nearby.

Timmy found the locker room and started to decipher the code needed to enter the room, but he took a cue from Sundance and shot the lock instead. Sundance approved.

The door slid open and they entered the room. The emergency lights were on, but thankfully it was white light as opposed to the red it was outside. There were army green lockers that lined the walls. Each one had the name of the crew member it belonged to. There was a room that presumably led to the bathrooms.

Thank god, Sundance thought. “Timmy, you should find a suit that… well, suits you. I’m going to use the facilities.” He speedily walked over to the bathroom and left Timmy alone to stare at the lockers.

Timmy knew that he should only look for the ones that fit him, but he also wanted one with a good name. He opened the locker that read ‘YONIBEZ’. That sounded good to him. He shot open the lock and a white suit was revealed. He pulled it down from its hooks and held it up to himself. It looked like a perfect fit.

Sundance returned from the bathroom, zipping up his shorts. “You ever go on a space walk before, Timmy?”

No, sir.” Timmy unzipped the suit and climbed in it. “Only simulation programs.”

After today, you won’t be a space walk virgin anymore.” Sundance laughed. Timmy awkwardly chuckled at the strange joke. “Let’s suit up!” He missed the worried look Timmy wore on his face.

Sundance picked a suit from the locker of ‘GEZO’ and put it on. It fit him perfectly. After they were fully suited, they walked over to the nearest airlock. They placed their helmets on their heads and checked the air levels. All systems were good. They checked their communication. All green.

Beginning depressurization now.” Sundance pressed a green button on the wall and the process began. When it was done, Sundance pressed a yellow and the door leading to the cold vacuum of space opened. Sundance looked at Timmy and they both nodded. They were ready to leave the station.


Astralyn and Rigel waited until Timmy and Sundance left the tunnel before they dared to venture outside. Astralyn stepped outside and held her pistol out in front of her. There were no service bots. She motioned for Rigel to join her in the hallway.

What exactly are we looking for?” Astralyn asked.

We need to go to the Negatron lab,” Rigel replied, stepping outside. “If I’m correct, there are three components to a machine that I can use to separate the virus from the base program.”

You just have these things lying around the station?” Astralyn asked incredulously. “Just for this type of situation…”

Well, sort of. Shall we get going? The lab is this way.” Rigel led Astralyn down the hallway to their left.

What kind of machine is this?”

It’s a code splicer,” Rigel replied. “In theory, this machine can handle a million codes at once and then sorts them to the specified locations. But if I’m right, I can rig this up to be a virus destroyer”

Good, let’s get this thing.”

Well, here’s the bad news.” Rigel stopped walking and stared at her earnestly. “It’s not built yet. There are three main components: the Negatron, the Distributor, and the Decoder,each being built in separate labs.”

You mean we have to go to THREE separate labs?” Astralyn shouted.

And then I have to build it.” Rigel sighed.

“It’ll be a wonder the virus doesn’t shoot us dead.” Astralyn looked above her to see if there were any lasers aimed at them.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.” Rigel began walking again.

It’ll only be an inconvenience if we wind up dead.” Astralyn gripped her pistol tightly and followed Rigel through the hallway.

The first lab was fairly close. They only had to follow the curve of the station before they found it. Rigel reached into his pocket and pulled out a red key card. He held it up against the key card reader and the door beeped and opened. Astralyn allowed Rigel to enter the laboratory first while she stayed outside to stand guard.

“Don’t take all night,” Astralyn said.

Astralyn could hear Rigel rummaging about inside the lab. There was an electronic buzzing in the air. At first, she thought it was something Rigel was playing with, but this theory was debunked when she saw a small trash can sized service bot make the turn around the corner. “Rigel, hurry it up in there! We’ve got company!”


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4 responses to “38. Mission: Omega, Part VI

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  1. I do like science fiction and although I’ve come in the middle of this, it is still an engaging story. Will they get away before the service bot finds them… I’ll be tuning in next week to find out.

  2. Ooh, you left off at a nice cliffhanger! I enjoyed this story.

    Rachel Russell

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