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ALL HAIL EPISODE 37! I’ve been waiting for weeks, months for this episode. I can finally tell you what inspired this storyline! Children of the 90’s might remember a certain Milton Bradley board game called the Omega Virus… no one? Just me? Alright then. The game is about some sentient virus taking over a space station with its lasers aimed right at Earth! I’ve always wanted to do something with this concept, but I never knew how to correctly go about it. I’ve written short stories about it, I wrote a screenplay for Script Frenzy for it (which I promptly deleted). I hope you guys don’t think I’m some kind of hack. This is like a sort of fan fiction. I’m not a big believer in fan fiction, but this is alright, right?

Holy shnikes, I killed someone this episode! This is something I try not to do often in this series. Some writers get kill happy, I tend to not be because I grow so close to characters, especially these characters. I like to keep these characters around for awhile. I also try not to let them kill anyone. I like to believe that Meanwhile in Space… is a family series and should not encourage murder of any kind… There’s a line to be drawn, of course. If people are going to die, it needs to be important, not throw away. That’s just how I see it.

Next week we’ll see what Sundance has planned to defeat this virus. Stay tuned!

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Posted May 30, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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