37. Mission: Omega, Part V   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 37: Mission: Omega, Part V: Let the Games Begin

All five of them stared up at the screen as the countdown started to tick down from 30:00. Timmy stepped up the console and input all of the codes he knew to hijack the program back.

I don’t understand why any of this is happening!” Rigel said. “I helped create the satellite defense program. There’s no reason for this to be happening.” He could feel his hold of reality slowly start to slip away. His hands began to sweat and he clinched them tightly.

I know of a reason,” Timmy said ominously. “It’s a computer virus. It was especially designed as far as I can tell. I’ve never seen a strain as bad as this.”

You can tell already,” Sundance asked.

Oh yeah… I created a couple viruses in my time as a Pre-Science Officer, but they have always been relatively harmless.”

Relative to what,” Astralyn asked.

But this… this is stronger than anything I’ve ever seen.” Timmy watched as lines of code scrambled across the screen. It almost seemed like it was alive somehow.

You sound like you’re falling in love with it,” Hedge said, catching the marveled look Timmy had on his face. “Can you shut that thing off or not?”

I would not bother if I were you,” said a synthesized voice. It came from all around them. “There is no defeating me.”

They all looked around them and tried to see who was talking, but the voice spewed from every speaker in the room. Sundance and Astralyn took out their pistols and were ready to shoot anything that moved.

I am in your system, controlling your lasers.” It cackled. “In twenty-eight minutes, your planet will be destroyed by your own defense system.” The images on the screen zoomed in on New Earth. It zoomed in some more and it showed the continents below. It targeted the S.P.A.C.E. Headquarters. “I could destroy your precious base now.”

Who are you?” Sundance shouted. He beckoned to Timmy to keep trying to take control. “What do you want?”

Someone who wants to play a game,” it replied. “Do you want to play, Captain?”

It knows who you are,” Astralyn gasped.

I know who all of you are, Ms. Winner.”

The hairs on Astralyn’s neck stood on end. There was a chill that struck everyone in the room. No one knew how to respond to that.

What game do you want to play?” Sundance shouted. “I think I still have an old copy of Operation in my attic.” He glanced over at Timmy and saw that he looked utterly lost. It seemed that nothing he was doing was working. “Alright, whatever you are…”

I am Omega!”

Alright. I’ll play your game.”

Good, you’ve already wasted three minutes,” the voice said.

Hedge had been slowly sidestepping over to one of the control panels. He knew if he could just get over to the system override panel and enter in the code, all of this would be over. He surreptitiously turned on one of the panels and attempted to start his work when suddenly he felt a piercing hot sensation in his chest. He looked down and saw that there was a hole there. “Bloody hell.” His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed to the floor- dead.

The laser beam had missed everyone else, but that was because the virus wasn’t aiming at them. They all stared wide-eyed at the body that used to be Hedge Mesher.

I didn’t like what he was trying to do,” the virus said.

What’s the game you want me to play?” Sundance shouted, trying to not let anyone else die.


Then all was silent. Sundance could feel that the virus entity was gone. The room felt a little cooler. He turned to look at Hedge’s body. “Is he?” Astralyn nodded.

Dammit,” Timmy said. “I’ve tried to power down every console on the entire ship and nothing is listening to me. I have a feeling even if I unplugged everything on this ship the virus would have found a way to keep everything running.” He looked up at the screen and growled as the clock ticked down to 25:00.

There is one place where the entire station can be shut down,” Rigel said. He looked above him in anticipation of being shot. He leaned in and Sundance did the same. “There are three places on the outside of the space station that will shut the lasers down,” he whispered.

Why on the outside of the station?” Sundance replied quietly.

Rigel shrugged his shoulders. “Shoddy architecture?”

What about the virus?” Astralyn asked. “There’s no way it’s going to let you up there!”

We’ll be fine,” Sundance said. “Timmy, I think there’s nothing more to be done here. We’re going up on the roof.”

Hooray for that,” Timmy muttered under his breath.

Astralyn stepped up to Sundance. “And what about us? What do we do?”

You stay here with Rigel,” Sundance said. “Just try not to do anything that will upset it.” He pointed at Hedge. “Play nice. Timmy!”

Coming, sir.”

Sundance led Timmy out of the room, leaving Astralyn and Rigel alone with Hedge’s dead body. They looked at each other awkwardly for a moment before one of them spoke.

Does your captain always run off and leave you with complete strangers?” Rigel asked.

He tries, and he’s not my captain,” Astralyn replied. “We just hang out a lot…”

Rigel cautiously walked over to the console and stared at the bizarre stream of codes on the screen. He tapped his chin and said, “Hmm…”

What ‘hmm’?” Astralyn asked, following him.

I helped design this program.”

“You keep saying that, but how does that help us?”

“The virus is trying to integrate itself within it. I think I can come up with a way to kill it.” Rigel waited to be struck down. “I’ll tell the captain when he gets back.”

No, tell me now,” Astralyn said. “We’ll work on it while the boys play outside.”

Rigel looked a little unsure, but he knew that the sooner they worked on his plan, the better.


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  1. Way to build the action and suspense. Hedge’s death was particularly abrupt in its comical execution.

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