36. Mission: Omega, Part IV   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 36: Mission: Omega, Part IV: When’s Your Birthday?

Sundance looked at the menacing collection of small service bots that were staring at him. They slowly raised their arms up at him, lasers armed.

I hate robots,” Sundance growled.

He ducked as the first service bot shot a red laser beam at his head. The eleven other service bots scooted forward and joined the fight. Sundance ran backwards, firing his pistol the entire way.

And we’re running,” Sundance said as he ran past Timmy and Astralyn.

The service bots scooted along and continued to fire at them. Astralyn and Sundance walked backwards and shot at them. They disabled one of the service bots by shooting off one of its hands. It simply picked up its other arm and continued shooting at them.

This seems really familiar,” Sundance said. “Timmy, let’s find that room!”

Timmy had been looking for the control room the whole time. From what he was able to glean from the directory on deck thirty seven, the control room was in the center of the ringed station. He just needed to find the tunnel that connected to ring. The flashing red lights and the errant laser shots made it difficult to see.

Timmy took out his flashlight and saw a sign that read ‘Control Room ‘. “This way!” He shouted to the others. He ran towards the tunnel. There was a door that needed a password to get in. “Uh, a little problem! It needs a code!”

Sundance and Astralyn had managed to keep the original twelve service bots at bay for a while, but others soon joined them and fired their lasers.

Anytime with that door,” Sundance said, firing another volley of blasts from his pistol.

Aye, Captain.” Timmy started pressing buttons on the keypad and ran through most of the four digit codes he knew. With each attempt, the door remained locked.

The service bots pushed closer.

Timmy!” Astralyn shouted.

The service bots were gaining ground. Astralyn and Sundance had to take a few steps back so they would not be overrun. Sundance shot two of them and they exploded. The other service bots were not impressed and rolled over the debris of their brethren.

How’s it coming, Timmy?” Sundance asked again.

Sir, when’s your birthday?”

4-8-15.” Sundance blasted a couple more service bots. “It’s a bit early for birthday parties.”

Timmy punched in some more numbers. “Dammit. Astralyn?”

Wait, are you randomly typing in our birthdays as codes?” Astralyn asked.

Sundance rolled his eyes and backtracked to the door. He pushed Timmy aside and fired his laser pistol at the keypad. Sparks flew out of it as it sizzled. The door clicked open. “Let’s go!”

The three of them ran into the hallway leading to the main control room and shut the door behind them. They hoped that the bots didn’t have thumbs to open the door.

Sundance was the first to arrive at the control room door. It, too, was locked. He didn’t hesitate to shoot at it. The lock melted away and allowed them access to the room.

The door slid open and an ominous white fog spilled out and collected at their feet. Sundance held his laser pistol at the ready as he stepped inside. The room was pitch black. Timmy took out his flashlight and shined it around. Sundance didn’t see that he was about to trip over someone until it was too late. He fell onto the body beneath him. Astralyn and Timmy helped him up.

The man below started to cough and gasp. “Hedge?” he asked. He looked up into the light that Timmy was shining on him. His green eyes reflected brightly; they went with the red uniform he was wearing. “Where’s Hedge?”

If you mean this guy, he’s over here.” Astralyn had found another man face down on the floor. She knelt down next to the man and touched his neck. “I can’t find a pulse, but then again, I’m not a doctor.” She flipped the man over and gave him a slap. He instantly woke up and started coughing. “He’s okay.”

Hedge sat up and rubbed his cheek. “What the hell, lady!” He looked around and saw the strangers and gasped. “Who the hell are you people?”

I’m Captain Sundance Starmont. This is Lieutenant Timmy Falken and that is Astralyn Winner.” Sundance placed his laser pistol in his holster. “We’re here to save you.”

Hooray, we’re saved,” Hedge mumbled, lamenting his burning cheek.

I am Science Officer Rigel Capricorn, and that is Science Officer Hedge Mesher.” Rigel stood up and brushed himself off.

What happened here?” Sundance asked.

Before Rigel could answer, all of the television screens turned on and displayed a spinning Omega symbol. All of them stared at it in complete bewilderment.

Colonel Graves sent us up here to figure out why the satellite defense system hadn’t been working,” Hedge replied. “All seemed normal, until that ship went by. Then things started acting strange.”

The system completely locked us out.” Rigel walked over to the console he was using before the attack and started typing in codes. It refused to respond. “I’m still locked out.”

The console suddenly lit up and Rigel backed away. It started entering codes all on its own. Commands and procedures were running automatically. Rigel leaned forward to see what was happening. So did Timmy and Sundance.

Rigel gasped as he recognized the command code to activate the satellite lasers. “No, this can’t be happening! Someone or something has access to the lasers!” He tried in vain to stop it, but the console ignored him.

The images on various television screens were of the satellite lasers being armed and then aimed at New Earth. In the lower right hand corner of the screens flashed numbers. 30:00. Everyone instantly knew what this meant.


Posted May 23, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

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  1. You’ve got a flair with the snappy banter between your characters. I particular enjoyed the “and we’re running” line. As to the robots not needing thumbs I just have one word to say to you: Daleks.

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