35. Mission: Omega, Part III   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 35: Mission: Omega, Part III: Big Brother

Sundance was the first to step out into the oppressive silence. He instantly withdrew his laser pistol and prepared for anything. Timmy and Astralyn did the same once they exited the StarTango.

Everyone, stay on your toes,” Sundance commanded. “Something is definitely wrong here. I can feel it.”

Astralyn looked around the dark docking bay. The entire bay was bathed in red light due to the emergency lighting. She thought it looked like blood had been spilled on the entire room. She shook the image from her mind. The last thing she needed to be thinking about was blood.

What’s the plan?” Timmy asked.

What is with you people and asking for plans?” Sundance angrily said. “We get the hacker guy, we tell him to knock it off or we shoot him, pack him up and go home!” He made a face that basically asked if they had anymore annoying questions. “Good, let’s move out.”

Sundance led them to the door leading to the hallway outside. He peeked in the window to see if there was someone on the other side. When he was sure that there wasn’t anyone there, he cautiously opened the door. He, then, jumped into the hallway with his pistol ready to fire. He checked in front of him and behind him but no one was there. He signaled that the coast was clear and the others stepped into the hallway.

We should probably head to the main control room,” Timmy suggested. He checked the walls for any kind of a directory. When he found one, he took two minutes to familiarize himself with the layout. “We’re on the thirty-seventh deck. The control room’s on the third.”

“Of course it is,” Astralyn joked.

I hope the elevator is still working,” Sundance said.


In the main control room, all of the television monitors were flashing the omega symbol until they all went blank. Static filled the screen for a few moments, then an image appeared. It was the docking bay on the thirty-seventh deck. The StarTango sat in the dark with only one other ship to keep it company. The image zoomed in to take a closer look. There was nothing left to see. It zoomed back out before the image changed altogether. The next image was of a random hallway. It scanned up and down the hallway and saw nothing. The image changed to another empty hallway. The images of several different hallways flashed on the screen as if someone couldn’t decide what to watch.

Finally, the television monitors focused on an image. It was Sundance, Timmy, and Astralyn walking down a hallway. The image zoomed in on their weapons for a moment before it panned up to Sundance’s face. It lingered on him until he and the others passed underneath it. The camera then watched them walk to the end of the hallway to an elevator. The image shut off when they walked into the elevator and the door shut. The room went dark again.


Timmy shivered as the elevator doors closed.

You okay?” Astralyn asked.

Something just isn’t right.” Timmy said. “I feel like we’re being watched somehow.” He looked up at the ceiling and couldn’t find anything that looked like a camera. That didn’t make him feel any better. His stomach felt like it tied itself in a knot.

Sundance pressed the button for the third floor. The elevator quickly shot upward. Timmy clutched his chest and stared at the buttons as they lit up to indicate which level they were passing. His breath caught in his throat each time the buttons lit up. He was trying his best not to manifest his thoughts of the elevator either stopping or dropping them down into the bowels of the station and possibly out the bottom. His eyes stared unblinking at the buttons as they lit up. The number 3 lit up. The elevator settled but the door did not open.

Oh come on!” Timmy shouted.

The door finally opened after about thirty seconds. Timmy was the first person out. Sundance and Astralyn followed and they stepped up to Timmy.

You alright, man?” Sundance asked.

Better now, sir.” Timmy smiled. “Shall we?”

Timmy led the way down the dark red hallways. The emergency lights were blinking and it made it hard for Timmy to read the room numbers. He took out a flashlight from his utility belt and shined the light on the door numbers. He sighed and put the flashlight away.

We’re on the wrong side of the station,” Timmy complained. “We’re going to have to walk around the perimeter of the station since it’s a big ring.”

A little walking never hurt anyone,” Astralyn said. “You need to calm down.”

To the other side!” Sundance raised his hands as if he was the leader of a marching band and led the way towards the right side of the ring. “Come along, children!”

Astralyn and Timmy followed Sundance down the creepy hallway. Every now and then, Timmy would stop. Astralyn would stop with him. They stood still for a few minutes and listened. They didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, so they turned around and caught up with Sundance, who was still marching forward.

Are you okay?” Astralyn asked. Timmy nodded his head. “You just seem a little on edge.”

I thought something was following us,” Timmy admitted. “I keep thinking that I hear something…”

It’s your upper lip,” Sundance called back. “Hurry up, you guys.”

The three of them continued around the ring. Timmy kept shining his flashlight at the ceilings looking for cameras. He felt their unblinking eyes watching him. He couldn’t shake the feeling that someone or something sinister was behind them, observing their every move.


This time all three of them heard it and they all stopped. Sundance and Timmy had their laser pistols at the ready. There was something behind the last bend of the hall.

Come on out of there,” Sundance called. “We know you’re there.”

There was only silence. Timmy started to go investigate, but Sundance held him back and he went instead.

There’s only one way this is going to end,” Sundance shouted. “Someone is going to get shot.”

There was the sound of mechanical whirring. A small robot that had track wheels for feet and two arms with laser nozzles for hands scooted out from an open door. Sundance lowered his gun for a moment and marveled at how cute it looked until it raised its arms and prepared to fire.

“I don’t think so,” Sundance said as he shot at it. Sparks flew out of its body as it crumbled to the floor. “Told you someone was going to get shot.”

Sundance heard another popping sound. He looked further down the hall where dozens of identical robots spilled out of the rooms, heading in his direction, poised to strike.


Posted May 16, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

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  1. I really like the scene with the multiple screens flicking on and off spying on our heroes. Nicely spooky and it served to build the “we are being watched” atmosphere. I wonder if you could experiment with this episode as a screenplay, cutting back and forth watching the characters through the POV of different monitors in the control room. Just an idea. See ya next Tuesday, dude.

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