34. Mission: Omega, Part II   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 34: Mission: Omega, Part II: Fly Boys

Hacked?” Sundance asked. “How is that even possible?”

Colonel Graves snapped at Sgt. Harriman. and an image of Ώ appeared on the main viewscreen. He looked back at Sundance and sighed, “This is the only signal we can get from the station. I sent two science officers up there to figure out why our defense system hasn’t been working for us, but we lost contact with them thirty minutes ago. A ship coming back from a mission was just shot down by our very own defense system!”

And you want us to shoot up there and see why your teenaged daughter isn’t calling Daddy,” Sundance said, proud of his analogy.

Colonel Graves looked disturbed by this comment. “Sure,” he replied.

We’re your men.” Sundance saluted.

And woman,” Astralyn inserted. She looked at Colonel Graves in a manner that was asking permission. He simply nodded his head once. He watched as the three of them left the War Room.


In the docking bay, Sundance, Timmy, and Astralyn ran to the StarTango. As Sundance unlocked the ship, Astralyn asked, “Have you ever considered getting a newer model?”

Sundance looked back at Astralyn with an offended look on his face. “Never.” He opened the door and stepped inside. Timmy shrugged at Astralyn and climbed inside as well.

Astralyn closed the door behind her and sat down in her seat. Sundance started the ignition sequence for the ship and prepared for take off.

Timmy, activate the shields,” Sundance commanded.

Timmy pressed a few commands into the console and the shields were then activated.

Shields? What for?” Astralyn asked, looking over Timmy’s shoulder.

If the satellites shot down a friendly ship, I’m betting that it won’t think twice about shooting anything that gets near it,” Sundance explained. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts and thank you for not smoking.”

Timmy and Astralyn strapped themselves into the seats. Sundance pulled pressed a button on his console and the ship left the docking bay. It flew up into the sky at incredible speed.

We’re nearing the satellite’s targeting range,” Timmy informed. “Got a plan, Captain?”

You know me,” Sundance said. He chuckled. Timmy and Astralyn braced themselves for disaster.

A beeping sound came from Timmy’s console. A red warning light was flashing. “The satellite’s laser cannons are powering up.”

Here we go.” Sundance gripped the controls tightly.

A pink laser beam raced towards them. Sundance spun the ship out of the way and the beam flew right past it.

Astralyn clutched her chest. “Oh my god!”

You ain’t seen nothing yet, princess.” Sundance piloted the ship out of reach of another laser beam bent on their destruction. “It’s going to take more than that to stop the StarTango! Ha!”

As if it was accepting Sundance’s challenge, the satellite targeting system shot as many lasers as it could to stop them. Sundance panicked for a brief moment before collecting himself and steered the ship to the left, then the right, and then a little further to the right. Sundance was doing a great job until he got cocky. He stared down another pink laser and quickly veered to the left of it. It was too little, too late and the laser zinged by. The ship was hit, but fortunately, the shields took most of the damage.

What the hell are you doing?” Astralyn shouted. “You’re going to get us killed!”

It’ll never happen,” Sundance said through his gritted teeth.

As they got closer to the satellites, the number of laser beams increased. Sundance employed all of his flight school tricks to avoid as many of them as he could. The ship took the occasional hit, but it was nothing it couldn’t handle.

The StarTango was about to break through the atmosphere. The lasers grew more intense and thicker than before. Instead of multiple shots in rapid succession, the lasers started to follow the ship with several continuous beams.

They really don’t want us to reach the station,” Timmy noted.

I noticed.” Sundance swiftly punched in a string of commands on his console. “Fire rockets on my command.”

You’re going to destroy the satellites?” Timmy sounded shocked. “But…”

What good are they right now? They’ve turned against us. FIRE!”

Timmy pressed the button and two rockets shot out from the ship. They soared towards the offending satellites until the lasers blew them up prematurely. Sundance cursed as the ship was hit by another laser.

That was a good plan, sir,” Timmy said.

Not good enough, I’m afraid.” Sundance quickly wiped the sweat from his forehead and continued to pilot the ship by the lasers. It was getting harder to do. He wasn’t going to be able to keep it up much longer and they still had a considerable distance to go.

Captain, let me give it a try,” Timmy requested.

The ship shook as they were hit by another laser.

Sundance nodded his head and sent control of the ship over to Timmy’s console.

Patching in,” Timmy said. “As the captain would say, hold onto your butts!” Timmy spun the ship hard to the left just as another laser tore by the ship. Sundance and Astralyn clung to their seats.

Timmy was able to fly the ship in ways only Sundance could imagine. He flew it up and down, side to side, and back and forth in rapid succession all at once. The ship wasn’t hit by a single laser beam.

“Initiating docking sequence,” Timmy informed. He expertly maneuvered the ship into the docking bay in the space station. When the docking bay doors closed, Timmy powered down the ship.

Sundance stared wide eyed at Timmy. “Where’d the hell did you learn to fly like that?”

Timmy shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

When the feeling returned to their legs, all three of them stood up and slowly made their way out of the ship. Immediately they felt that there was a dark force at work, like something was watching them. They didn’t know how right they were.


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  1. He’s certainly a cavalier sort isn’t he ol’ Sundance! This had all the makings of an established team familiar with each others strengths and banter getting up and ready to face a new challenge … but really a pink laser. How can you take any nemesis seriously when he shots a pink laser at you?!?!

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