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Story 5 kicks off with a bang! Just when things couldn’t get worse, now the space station is possessed! Colonel Graves never really liked that thing to begin with. This is one of my favourite stories so far in the series. I was heavily inspired by a game that I owned when I was a kid. I’ll tell you more about it next week. I really hope that you guys enjoy it.

Sundance seemed to be distracted this week. He is still thinking about what happened to him in Episode 22 when he was possessed by Obsidia. This event still haunts him. It’s so hard to write about this because I know the answer to the question you must be thinking about: What is the Matrix… Just kidding. Who was Obsidia? Sundance was just about to putt two and two together when Timmy called. Will he make four soon?

What do you think about Astralyn’s frustration about their relationship? Did it seem out of nowhere? I realize that by now that SOMETHING should have happened that upped the ante relationship wise, but since I wrote this in one long run, I thought it would be too soon to move in that direction. Combing through it now I realize that I should have brought it up a little more.

Once again, I have hinted that Astralyn and Timmy are hanging out without Sundance. The line where Astralyn tells Sundance that Timmy thinks her joining S.P.A.C.E. is a good thing speaks volumes to me. What are Timmy and Astralyn talking about when Sundance isn’t there? Why isn’t she hanging out with Sundance? I like to think that Sundance is afraid to bring his walls down. Maybe he’s been burned by people before and doesn’t want to let his guard down. Maybe he cared for someone and something happened… but what? He’ll never tell. Hopefully, he’ll allow Astralyn in.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for reading!



Posted May 2, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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