33. Mission: Omega, Part I   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 33: Mission: Omega, Part I: Hacked

On the Space Station Helios, Science Officer Rigel Capricorn sat in the control room monitoring the planet’s satellite defense system. It hadn’t been working so well lately. First the Space Chickens showed up and slipped through and then the Nomadic Carnivorous Robots swatted it like a bug. Colonel Graves requested that he come up to the station and see what was wrong with it. It also helped that he had helped design the main operating system.

He rolled his chair over to one of the monitors and typed in a few codes on the keyboard. He watched as one of the laser cannons moved up and down on Satellite Three. He typed in another code and it stopped moving.

Ganymede is in full working condition,” Rigel said to himself. He scribbled something in his notebook and continued. “Moving on to Io.” He typed in another code and the satellite he designated as ‘Io’ began to move. The laser cannons on the satellite moved left and right for a few seconds and then stopped. “Io is in full working condition.”

Must to do that for every satellite?” asked Science Officer Hedge Mesher.

Do what?”

Narrate everything you’re doing?” Hedge looked up at Rigel and sighed. “It’s called internal dialogue, use it.”

I’m sorry, Hedge.” Rigel chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “It just helps me think.” Hedge shook his head and continued doing his data analysis. “It helps me think.”

Rigel scribbled notes about ‘Io’ into his notebook. On the console beneath his notebook, a red light was flashing. He lifted it up and looked at the multiple television screens on the main wall. There was a spacecraft approaching.

Let’s see how the system reacts.” Rigel leaned back in his chair and watched as the spacecraft approached the border. The satellites asked the ship for its access code in a series of flashes of white light. The ship gave its reply in the same fashion. The satellites disarmed their weapons and allowed the ship to pass. Rigel was pleased. Then without warning, the laser cannons armed and fired upon the ship.

Rigel stood up and slammed his hands on the console. “NO!” He watched as flames poured out of the side of the ship. On the radio, the sounds of the captain callling “May Day” inundated the control room. He sat back down and started to frantically type in code. Nothing was responding. The lasers continued to fire. Something near the back of the ship exploded. This was Rigel’s worst nightmare come true.

What the hell is going on?” Hedge shouted. “What did you do?” He looked at one of his monitors and saw nothing but the omega symbol flashing on and off. “I’m locked out of the system.”

I am as well,” Rigel replied. No matter what he typed, nothing made a difference.

We’ve lost control! We need to get out of here.”

“We can’t leave!” Rigel said, a little disgusted by Hedge’s cowardly behaviour. “We have to help that ship!” Rigel went back to type in more commands, but the console started to spark up.

“You ready now?” Hedge stood up and ran to the doors. They did not open as he approached them. He waved his hand in front of the sensor, but the door did not budge. “Great, now we’re locked in.”

Rigel stood up and ran to the door. Just as he reached it, he noticed that white smoke was leaking in from underneath the door. “Gas!” he shouted. He and Hedge retreated from the door and covered their mouths. The smoke rose above their heads. The two officers tried their best to hold their breath, but the smoke persisted. Their lungs ached and they inevitably gave in and took a breath. They instantly fell to the floor. No one was left to see the menacing dark face with glowing red eyes on the screen.


Are you feeling alright?” Astralyn asked. She and Sundance were sitting outside one of Astralyn’s favourite cafes. She looked at him with concern. He looked so distant. She could tell that he was trying hard to look focused, but she knew that something was bothering him.

Sundance instantly put on his heroic smile and took a sip of tea. “Better than alright! Why do you ask?”

“You look preoccupied,” Astralyn said.

“It’s just a nice day, so easy to get lost in it.” Sundance took another sip of tea. He gave his trademark smile before his eyes shifted to something else.

Astralyn didn’t want to push the issue. There was definitely something wrong with him. She was a little disappointed because after all they had been through together she thought they would have been in a place where they could share their innermost feelings. Maybe he wasn’t ready.

They sat quietly for a few minutes, sipping their green and oolong tea. Sundance stared off into the distance not really looking at anything. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was on the brink of some realization, but the answer eluded him. He hadn’t been sleeping as well as he would have liked. Every time he closed his eyes, he kept seeing the dark space in the back of his mind where he had been trapped by Obsidia. The idea that he had been possessed by a spirit, demon, whatever it was, frightened him. He didn’t like the idea of not being in control. But it was more than that. There was a feeling that he couldn’t shake– a feeling of familiarity. There was something about Obsidia that he recognized. Every time he thought about it, the answer was just beyond his reach.

Hello, Sunny,” he heard the echo of Obsidia said.

No… Sunny… It can’t be!

Sundance!” Astralyn shouted.

What?” Sundance snapped back into the present.

I was just saying that I was entertaining the idea of joining S.P.A.C.E. as a consultant,” Astralyn said.

Oh, you should totally do that,” Sundance replied automatically. He took another sip of tea, but didn’t make any eye contact with her. “It’ll be good for you.”

I’m glad you think so.” Astralyn took another sip of her tea. It had gone cold, but she didn’t care. She just kept her eye on Sundance. “Timmy thought it was a good idea.”

Timmy?” Sundance’s eyes tuned into Astralyn.

Before Astralyn could say anything else, Sundance’s communicator started buzzing. He reached into the backpack he placed under the table and retrieved the yellow device. “Starmont.”

Hello, Captain, it’s Timmy.”

What’s happening, Timmy?” Sundance stood up and prepared to pounce.

Colonel Graves needs you back at the base,” Timmy said. “The satellite defense system has been hacked.”


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  1. It’s all happening in this one for sure! I’m glad to be on the ground floor of a new story where the bad guy is a spooky looking dark face with glowing red eyes. Bring it!

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