Ellipsis: Episode 32   1 comment

Hey gang! This brings Story #4 to a close! I hope that you all found this story to be fun and entertaining! I have written about carnivorous robots, I can die a happy man! How did you like the ending? I feel like I could have fleshed it out some more… If I lose sleep over it, I might go back and edit it some more.

What’s my favourite part of Story #4?

I think one of my favourite moments of Story #4 was when Sundance raced to the New Earth Museum of Artifacts to find a mob of robots there and plowed them over! Not enough action heroes  plow through fields of bad guys. Another moment would be Timmy running through the ship blasting robots to smithereens! I admit, fan service, but it’s good fun!

What would I change about Story #4?

Good question. I would change a lot of things. I would bring Kjartan more into the action. I love him, but I feel that not everyone got a sense of who he is. He didn’t get a lot of page time in this story. He’ll be back… eventually.

I wish I hadn’t written this during Nanowrimo. It was fun writing like mad, but I really think that Nano hurt the quality of this story. I sure there are tons of opportunities to go back and flush some things out. I suppose that’s what the rewriting stage is all about.

Story #5 starts next week. This is going to be a treat! I’ve been looking forward to this one. It’s based off an old Milton Bradley board game I played as a child! I really hope they don’t sue me. Ha!

Until next week!

Thanks for reading!



Posted April 26, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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  1. Carnivorous robots, bring it on man! I like a writer who goes balls out with imagination and isn’t shy on the action. I’m interested you wrote this during NaNoWriMo. I’ve yet to to complete the month. Try as I might I’m crippled by an over eager internal editor. Damn his beady eyes! Anyhow, I’ll be back next week for some more unfettered Intergalactic Action, oh yeah!

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