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Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 32: Return to Mechatropolis, Part IX: Crash and Burn

Timmy, I need something! I’ll take any power you can give me!” Sundance tapped on the navigation console in the hopes that it would come alive.

Timmy looked around and couldn’t find anything right away. “Umm… umm…” He looked at the Electromagnetic Blaster. If it worked once…

He disconnected the blaster from the weapons console and moved it over to the navigation console. He reached down and pulled a few errant wires from it and wrapped it around the blaster.

I don’t know if this is going to work,” Timmy said as the ship took a drastic nose dive. “Here goes nothing.” He pressed a button on the console and nothing happened. He tried it again, but nothing happened.

But it worked the first time,” Sundance said.

All the systems were on the first time,” Timmy replied. “We fried everything with the electromagnetic pulse.”

Sundance slammed his fist on the console. “Dammit! We go through all this trouble to save these people only to put them right back in danger’s way.” Timmy gave it a quick tap before Sundance slammed on it one more time and then the console came alive.

Captain, you did it!” Timmy patted Sundance on the back. “You made it work again.”

All it needed was to know who it was working for,” Sundance said, reveling in the moment. “Let’s see if I can make this baby fly!”

He pushed a button on the console and a little screen popped up with the robotic language displayed on it. He couldn’t make out what it was saying, but he had a pretty good idea. Piloting consoles didn’t change much throughout the ages. While this flying saucer was a really old model, the basics were still the same– he hoped.

Hold onto your butts,” Sundance said.

He took the controls and tried his best to keep the ship from crashing on Citadel City. The ship shook with extreme violence as it slowly soared over the city. He felt the front of the saucer dip lower just as they reached the border of the city, threatening to take out a tall building. The ship passed without incident.

The console started to blink on and off. “Timmy, what does that mean?” He knew what it meant.

The console is losing power, Captain,” Timmy confirmed.

Wire the weapon now!”

It’s already wired, sir. We’re draining the weapon.” Timmy picked up the blaster and sighed. “It wasn’t meant to power an entire ship!”

Fine, I’ll see if I can set her down gently.” Sundance strained to retain control of the ship. As soon as it was safely away from Citadel City, Sundance looked for a suitable place to crash. He spotted the place the ship had lain dormant for centuries.

The crater,” Timmy said. “That’s brilliant!”

You’re just saying that.” Sundance winked at Timmy as he piloted the ship towards the crater.

The console stopped blinking and the display slowly faded away. There was no more power. Sundance stepped away from the controls and threw his hands in the air.

That’s all I got,” he said. “Let’s get out of here and hope Astralyn was able to get most of those people out of here.” He turned around and left the bridge. Timmy picked up the blaster, unraveled the wires, and then followed Sundance out.

They ran down the corridors to the best of their ability with the ship continuing on its nose dive. It threatened to make them walk on the ceiling. With strong determination, they raced down the corridors until they reached the docking bay. Astralyn and Kjartan were waiting for them.

It’s about time,” Astralyn said. She handed the boys jet packs, then she put on her own. “I thought the captain always went down with the ship.”

It depends on whose ship it is,” Sundance said, smirking at her. Astralyn looked disgusted.

They all jumped out of the docking bay and used the jet packs to get as far away from the crashing ship as possible. When they were a safe distance away, they watched the saucer crash back into the crater it had previously occupied. There was a large explosion and debris flew everywhere.

Sundance, Kjartan, Astralyn, and Timmy piloted their jet packs back to Citadel City, not wanting to have anything more to do with the remains.


Is it really over this time?” Colonel Graves sat in his chair in the war room. Astralyn, Kjartan, Sundance, and Timmy all stood beside him looking at the viewscreen. The image of the destruction of the ship was haunting to look at. “Are those suckers really dead?”

I believe them to be so, Colonel,” Sundance reported.

And what about that book?” Colonel Graves looked at Kjartan and Astralyn.

If it was on that ship, it’s been obliterated,” Astralyn replied. She looked over at Kjartan and he nodded at her.

If?” The colonel did not look pleased.

It was on the ship, sir,” Astralyn amended.

Good!” Colonel Graves stood up from his chair and smiled. “Then I can take a piss. I’ve been holding it all day! Astralyn, always a pleasure. Gentlemen.” He swiftly exited the war room. “Try not to resurrect anything while I’m gone.”

Kjartan let out a sigh of relief as the colonel walked past him. “You don’t have to tell me twice. At first, I was happy to go out in the field, but now? I’m never leaving the office again. You can count on that!”

It all comes with the territory if you hang around Sundance long enough,” Astralyn joked.

“No offense, Captain, but I hope I never see you around the office. Good day.” Kjartan half heartedly saluted Sundance and Timmy and saw his own way out of the war room.

Say, let’s all go get some dinner!” Sundance said.

Are you buying?” Timmy asked.

I think dinner will be on the museum tonight.” Astralyn fished a green credit card out of her pocket. Sundance and Timmy cheered as the three of them left the war room.


At the crater, S.P.A.C.E. agents were combing the area for all the pieces of scrap metal. Anything and everything was picked up, that was if it wasn’t on fire.

I don’t see why we always have to clean stuff like this up,” complained one worker.

Because it’s our job!” replied another worker.

They both walked by a piece of metal that once belonged to a robot. When they had gotten far enough away, a little red light began to flash off and on.


Posted April 26, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

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