Ellipsis: Episode 30   1 comment

Hello space fans! It’s episode 30! I never thought I would get this far! Hooray for longevity!

I think this is the first episode I didn’t like. I feel that not enough stuff happened, or maybe too much happened too quickly and nothing made sense. I’m going to go back and re edit this and see if I can make a clearer episode. The really cool stuff that I was alluding to last week doesn’t actually happen until NEXT week. Sorry folks, but hang in there. It does get better.

This episode would benefit from expanding the narrative. During Nanowrimo, I was really fenced into the idea of every episode being 1000 words and the action caught up with those words awfully fast, so the action was cut off.  Hopefully, I have learned from this and will make the episodes as long as they need to be when I write more.

Speaking of writing, I am writing again! Hooray! I am working on Story 8. It’s been since November when I wrote last and I’m working out the rusty bits and trying to get back in the game. I started Meanwhile in Space… as a tool to get me writing a little bit every day. Writing 50 episodes in November really took a lot out of me.  I just need to refocus.

Okay that’s enough rambling from me this week! Timmy fans will be rewarded next week. I promise!



Posted April 11, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

One response to “Ellipsis: Episode 30

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  1. Yeah I can feel what you’re saying, this one felt really short even though word-wise it’s the same length (1000 words) as the others.

    At least for me, I wouldn’t mind if the chapters were longer! The great thing about your series is you have clear arcs, so it’s easy to jump in without knowing the back story.

    And yay for writing again! Keep going! ❤

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