Ellipsis: Episode 29   Leave a comment

This was an action packed episode. Looks like Sundance has put himself into another mess. Another case of rushing head first into situations. That is just classic him. I enjoy writing the character of Sundance because he affords me the chance to be reckless with my plotting. I can sort of paint myself into a corner and see if I can write my way out of it. Sometimes it gets me in trouble because I get stuck and can’t write for days. Other times I have to plan for Sundance’s recklessness and plot out a contingency plan.

I think his impatience really came through in this episode. I love that he drove through those robots who dared to stand in his way. That’ll show him. What was Sundance thinking when he sent Timmy away. Do you suppose that he wanted all the glory when he saved Astralyn and Kjartan?

Next episode is going to be great for all you Timmy fans out there!

Hang in there Space Fans! Till next week,



Posted April 5, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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