Ellipsis: Episode 27   1 comment

This was a great episode for me. I got to include to Colonel Graves in it. He is mostly inspired by General Hammond from Stargate SG-1. I love that character. I am happy to be able to bring that energy to MiS…  I fear we don’t get to see enough of Colonel Graves. Get him out of the office.

I think the bit at the beginning of the episode where the space ship is rising from the ground was great! The visual in my head is similar to a big blockbuster movie special effect. I hope I conveyed the correct amount of “I need to get the hell out of here” energy! Sometimes I’m good at writing action and other times I’m terrible. I think I did good here.

Kjartan was busy this episode. He is the guy who can’t let it go. He thought that because the robots left it would be safe to go about his life. He hasn’t been adventuring with Sundance long enough to know better. I do adore me some Kjartan.

How’d you like the bit with the Mechanomitron? Of course I’m drawing from the Necronomicon. If there was going to be a Big Book of Doom involving carnivorous robots, what would you call it? Ha ha!

The ish hits the fan next episode! Stay tuned!

Till next week, thanks for reading.



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  1. I love the Mechanomitron! Seriously, say it aloud, it rolls off the tongue and it’s a great reference. Now all we need is a dance to it and you’re done, hahaha! Do the Mechanomitron! (For all you Evil Dead the Musical fans.)

    I’m looking forward to seeing Colonel Graves get in on some action too. He’s overdue for some field work. 😀

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