25. Return to Mechatropolis, Part II   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 25: Return to Mechatropolis, Part II: The First Civilization


Sundance and Timmy kept their guns aimed at the door. When nothing immediately jumped out at them, they slowly lowered them. Kjartan looked pale as he shut the book in the slim hope that the door would disappear.

Did the book do that?” Astralyn asked. She walked over to him and took the book from him. He was only more than happy to return it to her. She opened the book again and tried to recreate the results. Nothing happened.

That is one scary book,” Timmy said, taking a step back.

Astralyn walked back over to the door and peered inside. She whistled and the hallow echo traveled for what sounded like a far distance. Her eyes lit up immediately as she looked back at everyone.

No.” Timmy and Kjartan said.

No?” Astralyn asked incredulously. “You have to be kidding me! This is the most important discovery in the history of New Earth! We could find out who lived here before us.”

Or we could not,” Timmy mumbled.

Captain?” Astralyn turned her green eyes to Sundance for support.

I think S.P.A.C.E. should take a look at it…” Sundance started, but Astralyn cut him off.

Excellent. Kjartan, go get a light, we’re going in.” She ushered the poor assistant out of the tomb. “This is so exciting! Boys, we’re making history.”

Why do I feel like we’re about to BE history,” Timmy said.


Astralyn led the way into the newly discovered cavity. With her lantern held high, she navigated the cold, dark hallway. Kjartan, Sundance, and Timmy (under protest) followed closely behind. The floor was made of metal so their footsteps echoed around them.

Timmy thought it was rather strange that there was so much metal inside when the outside was dirt and sand. This thought was compounded when the walls stopped and the suspension bridge began. He gasped as he looked down and saw what looked to be a huge spaceship in the shape of a saucer.

Oh my goodness,” Astralyn said, looking down at the cold blue ship. “Could this be a giant space saucer?” She raced down to the end of the bridge which led inside the ship. “This is a spaceship, a really old model; probably one of the first.”

What is it doing here?” Sundance asked.

Is it possible that the first civilization crashed here?” Kjartan asked. Astralyn nodded. “That would be amazing! If the bones we found are indeed human, then…”

That could mean that Old Earth started to colonize other planets before the Space Chicken War,” Astralyn added.

They stepped inside the giant spaceship. There were no lights on at all. Astralyn turned the light in the lantern up to better view the environment. The walls were metallic and had symbols matching the ones on the book. Other than that, there was nothing really special about the corridors.

This reminds me of a hospital,” Timmy said woefully. “I hate hospitals.”

Me too, Timmy,” Sundance patted his friend on the back and pushed him forward.

Astralyn led the parade down the corridor to the left and found more of the same. They took a right turn and found themselves at a closed door, but it wasn’t closed completely.

Oh look, a dead end.” Timmy turned around and started to head back the way they came. He stopped when he realized that no one else was following him.

Kjartan, help me with this door,” Astralyn commanded.

Astralyn and Kjartan pressed themselves against the door and tried to slide it to the left. It refused to budge. Then they tried sliding it to the right. It moved an inch and then refused to move.

Sundance took out his laser pistol and shot it. Astralyn and Kjartan cursed and ducked out of the way. The door slid to the right, allowing them access. “I finally got to shoot something!”

How nice for you,” Kjartan mumbled, readjusting his glasses.

Astralyn was already on the other side before Sundance could warn her to be careful. There was another bridge that looked down on a lot of tall, metallic silos. There were large wheels that were attached to giant gears and the like. It definitely looked old, but nothing was rusted.

What is it?” Sundance asked.

It appears to be a processing plant of some kind,” Astralyn answered. “Just look at those silos. Ingredients were stored in there. I think further down is where things get processed. The people who flew this ship processed their own food while they traveled through space. Real pioneers!”

But why live in huts?” Sundance asked.

Maybe they lived on the ship until it could no longer provide for them.” Kjartan tapped the railings of the bridge and whistled. “They had no choice but to move outside.”

I don’t think that’s it,” Timmy said, entering the plant. “I found something.”

Just then, there was a loud pop. Everyone was startled. A soft whirring sound was heard and it gradually grew louder. Then the wheels began to turn; slowly at first, then faster. Things below came alive with lights and hissing.

Things are reactivating,” Astralyn said, looking around. “The plant is reactivating.” She could not contain her excitement.

Guys, you really need to come and look at this,” Timmy said, the urgency in his voice rising.

Sundance and the others left the plant and joined Timmy at the other end of the corridor. There was a room and Timmy was standing in the doorway. Timmy only pointed inside; he didn’t dare take a step inside.

Sundance walked past him and saw that there were pods lined up against all four walls. The windows were dark so he couldn’t see anything inside.

Sleeping pod,” Sundance said. “But I can’t see if anyone is inside it.” Just as he pressed his face against the glass of one pod, a light flickered on, revealing a menacing looking box headed robot with glaring red eyes– eyes that glared at him.



One response to “25. Return to Mechatropolis, Part II

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  1. So do androids dream of electric sheep? 😀 (Couldn’t resist that reference!) I love all the humor you’ve been spicing the scenes up with, especially when Sundance gets to shoot his gun at last.

    I like that we’re seeing Astralyn excited about her archeological discovery so we get to see Sundance playing more cautious around stuff he doesn’t understand. Poor Timmy, no one ever listens to him!

    As always, I’m eager for the next episode.

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