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Hello everyone! The show is back on the road! Let’s talk about what went on in this episode.

So, we learned a little bit more about New Earth in this episode. Apparently, there’s a desert. Hooray. And the city that Sundance and the gang live in is Citadel City. I hadn’t really given a lot of focus on the setting of this world. There were only three “sets” that I felt were really important: The S.P.A.C.E. headquarters, The New Earth Museum of Artifacts, and the StarTango. I haven’t really put in any more thought than that. I bounce back and forth between what kind of technology is available to them. Is it steampunk sci-fi or is it Star Trek quality tech? To be honest, I haven’t decided. I use both whenever it the situation suits me. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to make a choice. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

The line where Timmy says, “Ever since we got back from the Venga System, you two have been acting weird. She said something about you and some maidens…” I am of course referencing Episode 20 when Sundance got lubed up by Iphigenia’s maidens. This amuses me because Sundance is clearly trying to forget that Astralyn saw him naked AND the fact that he, in fact, invited her to partake before knowing who she was. This is one of his most conflicted memories. You know he enjoyed the experience, but it was easily one of his most embarrassing.

This also hints that Astralyn and Timmy have possibly been hanging out without Sundance present, otherwise, Timmy would have never known about the incident. There seems to be a growing relationship between them, gossipy in nature.

The gag with the coffee- Just trying to be cute. I think it paid off well. It was definitely one of my favourite parts of this episode. I should try to include more running gags.

Kjartan- (The K may be silent- not sure.) At the time I wrote this episode, Scott Pilgrim vs the World came out on DVD. I LOVE this movie! It was in my DVD player for about two months straight. I was quoting it at least four times a day. Well, decided that I wanted to name a character after the actor who played “Jimmy” in the movie. I scanned the credits and learned that his first name is Kjartan. Excellent! I sounds spacey so I stuck with it. He is one of my new favourite characters to write and I will see if I can write him in when I can.

What’s behind Door Number 1? Find out next week!

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  1. More running gags, please! You have great timing for your comedy and it didn’t take away from the plot. 🙂

    Aslo: Sundance and Astralyn forever! ;D

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