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This episode was exciting, no? My favourite part? The cat fight between Astralyn and Iphigenia. It never fails in action movies if there’s a female good guy and female bad guy, they always face each other in battle. Cat fights are fun to watch in movies and TV, but terrible to witness in real life, I’m sure. Originally, I was going to have Astralyn toss Iphigenia into the flames, but I didn’t want the integrity of the character compromised. Sure, I want Astralyn to kick ass and take names, but I really don’t want her killing people, yet…

And what about Sundance winning over Obsidia? I think that’s a cool moment too. The ending of this storyline came too quickly, if you ask me. I wasn’t ready for it, but there it was. I was trying really hard to adhere to the 1000 word limit. That’s the excuse I’m offering as to why the ending might have seemed rushed. I went back and tried to add more. What did you think?

23 episodes, 3 storylines down! I think I’m getting pretty good at this. We’re halfway done! We’re quickly catching up to me. I seriously need to start writing again!

Until next week…



Posted February 1, 2011 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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  1. Killing people yet!? lol 🙂

    Yeah I like it that she just took her out without having to toss her into the pit. I also loved the fact that without her bossing everyone around, the cultists got bored and left.

    Although now I wonder if there isn’t a scrapbooking cult lurking somewhere in a dark corner of the universe… once you’ve said it, it’s probably true. 🙂

    It did feel rushed towards the end. I can’t really tell where you added in parts, but I still enjoyed it! Like I said before, I think you should make these things as long as they need to be. 1000 words is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. They just didn’t want people churning out 10,000 word chapters! 🙂

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