Writing Episode 21   1 comment

Hey, what did you think of this episode? Astralyn got to get down to business with a bear today! Way to go! Usually this is reserved for the mighty male protagonist, but this is a nice twist! I was really worried about the character of Astralyn at the beginning, but I think she is finally coming into her own this storyline, which was what I was hoping for. She faced down a bear like creature and she survived to tell the tale! I am very proud of her! I suppose it would have been better if she had wrestled with the bear and strangled it with her bare hands! I would have paid money, man!

It’s so sad to see Sundance so helpless. We’ll see what happens to him next week.

This brings me to another point. I have so many episodes backlogged that I wonder if I should start releasing these episodes two at a time. How would you like that? Two for Tuesday? 😀 Just a thought.

See you next week, Space Adventurers!



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  1. My answer to “Two For Tuesday?” is YES PLEASE! 🙂

    I’m putting that idea right up there with Taco Tuesday, which is one of the best inventions ever. The real question is does our favorite crew like tacos? If so, when is the taco party? Hahaha! 🙂

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