Writing Episode 19   1 comment

AHH! I am a little behind posting this! I got lazy and didn’t schedule them out like I did previously. Excuses! I still made it!

This episode was fun to write because this gives Astralyn a chance to be the hero! I felt that Astralyn was usually just along for the ride, the same way I felt about Timmy in the beginning. While I want to abide by the rules of this genre where the woman is only around to be kidnapped and rescued, I wanted to break the Princess Peach syndrome and see what she can do in Sundance’s place. My favourite moment in this episode is when Timmy tells her that she sounds just like Sundance because it’s true!

Action Astralyn! She’s got a gun! Watch out! What will she do next? Stay tuned next week!

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  1. I love it that Astralyn is taking charge and taking action! I agree, to hell with stereotypes! Let your characters do as they please and whatever happens becomes even more epic and fun.

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