Writing Episode 18   2 comments

This was a fun episode to write! I wanted to explore the idea of Astralyn fighting against her instincts. She knows something is wrong, but the possibility that she could be overthinking something holds her back. It must drive her nuts hanging out with a guy who is impulsive by nature and one who freaks out about every little thing.

Timmy ignoring the feeling in his stomach is another big thing. I feel that normally he would have advised against Sundance’s exploration, but giving him a task to do would keep him busy and less able to interfere. Both people ignoring their natural instincts.

I like the character of Iphigenia. She strong and sassy. She knows how to get what she wants. I had plans on doing another Greek based storyline where Iphigenia would be the leader of the Sirens, but two Greek stories back to back would be a bit much, in my opinion. I like her here. She gets to be just as sexy and temptuous.

I always envisioned Sundance as a bit of a horn dog. Any chance to hit on anyone had to be taken, but not many situations have arisen in this series. Not very many women in this show. How easily Sundance can be seduced! Let’s see how much trouble he gets into!

Also, who is Iphigenia taking orders from? Eh? Just like Doctor Hartnell. Oh, speaking of Hartnell, I’m a big fan of Doctor Who! One of the 11 Doctors was portrayed by an actor named William Hartnell. 🙂 Smooth, right? I know! Be on the lookout for more homages! 😀

Thank you for reading!



Posted December 28, 2010 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

2 responses to “Writing Episode 18

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  1. OMG! I’m a Doctor Who fan too and that totally went over my head! (And I’m even a fan of the 1st Doctor!) That’s a nice homage I think. 🙂 I’ll remember to keep my eyes peeled.

    I’m wondering where you got the name Iphigenia? It’s a cool name!

    Horn dog! LOL! 🙂 I can see him as that too, especially considering his clothing choice, hahaha! 🙂 Those pink shorts would make anyone weak in the knees (at least he probably thinks so!), hehehe.

    • I don’t exactly remember where I got Iphigenia from. Maybe a book I read in college, but I am not completely sure. 😀

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