15. The Curse of the Minotaur, Part VII   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 15: The Curse of the Minotaur, Part VII- The Clash at Bullshead


The light raced down the hallways of the maze with Sundance trailing behind it. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was growing tired. Each time his feet hit the ground it was a miracle that they pushed him onto the next step. Maybe the thoughts of Timmy propelled him forward, fighting against the thoughts of Astralyn that would make him turn around. He thought that if he saved one maybe he could save the other at the same time.

The light flickered and Sundance suddenly knew that the center of the maze wasn’t too far. He looked at the column of bright yellow light emanating from the center and saw that it was indeed close. A sudden roar from the minotaur reminded him that it, too, was close.

He heard the minotaur sniff the air and then the quick stomping of feet. It was onto them. The light sped up and darted through the maze. Sundance ran after it, never taking his off of it. A few minutes later, Sundance found himself standing in the center of the maze. The yellow column of light spewed up from the floor like a geyser, covering him. The little yellow light floated above him and then zipped behind the light column. Sundance followed it and saw Petrina and Timmy hanging from the wall above him.


Timmy lifted his head and opened his eyes. They widened with joy when he saw Sundance standing below him. “Captain! Is it really you?”

“Of course it is!” Sundance saw that their hands were tied. He pulled out his laser pistol and prepared to shoot them down. Timmy and Petrina winced in fear for their hands. Sundance aimed the pistol at the thick ropes when a loud roar sounded. Sundance spun around and saw that the minotaur was standing behind him.

“Uh oh, who ordered the steak?” Sundance turned his pistol to the minotaur instead and shot it in the shoulder. The minotaur roared, but the shot didn’t seem to faze it. It kept coming towards him, axe in hand. Sundance walked backwards around the room; the minotaur matched him step for step. They circled the room twice, Sundance occasionally firing upon the creature. No effect each time.

“A little help,” Sundance said to no one in particular.

The small yellow light buzzed around his head. Sundance waved it away. The light flickered and Sundance stopped swatting at it. He held out his right hand as the light instructed. When the light landed on it, it grew brighter, and heavier. When the light died down, it turned into a golden sword. Sundance was surprised.

The minotaur did not like this. It raised its axe above its head and brought it down upon Sundance. The captain raised the sword and blocked the attack. Sundance was once again surprised at how strong the minotaur was and how he was fending off the attack.

The minotaur retrieved his axe and tried again. With each attack, Sundance was able to block it. This frustrated the bull to no end. When it swung the axe low enough, Sundance jumped over it.

Sundance thought that deflecting each attack was good, but he wanted to inflict some damage. The minotaur may be strong, but it was slow. After he deflected another attack, Sundance ran between its legs and cut its left hoof. The minotaur roared in pain. Sundance made quick work of the right hoof as well. The minotaur tried its best to step on him, but Sundance quickly zipped out from underneath it. He had hoped to do more damage than that, but he wasn’t exactly sure how one went about felling a twenty foot man-beast.

The minotaur hunched down and let out a mighty yell. It clutched its axe and prepared for another attack. Sundance beckoned it to give it a shot. The minotaur ran towards him. Sundance ran between its legs and emerged on the other side. The minotaur looked irritated. It turned around and roared. Sundance thought it was going to attack again, but instead it looked behind him.

Sundance looked back and saw four tiny minotaurs emerge… with Astralyn in tow. She was unconscious and being dragged by her feet. He looked back at the minotaur and glared. “Wrong move, beefcake!” He gripped the sword with both hands and growled as he raced towards the giant bull.

The minotaur raised its axe and swung downward. Sundance hoped that it would do that. He jumped to the left and the blade landed where he had been. As the minotaur tried to pull the axe up, Sundance jumped onto its arm. By the time it realized what was happening, Sundance was already on its shoulder. The minotaur abandoned the axe and tried to pull Sundance off. It couldn’t because he was in the middle of the large human-looking shoulder blades.

The sword started to flash and Sundance knew what he needed to do. He pointed the sword blade down and plunged it deep into the back of the minotaur’s neck. With a quick golf swing, the blade separated the head from its neck, sending it onto the floor below. It collected in a puddle of dark red blood. Sundance rode the body to the floor as it sank onto its knees and then finally flat on the ground.

“That’s what I call a job well done,” Sundance said, climbing off the body.

“Great job, Captain!” Timmy shouted jubilantly. “I’d clap, but I’m a little tied up!”

The floor shook as the walls suddenly started to shrink. Timmy and Petrina were safely lowered to the floor. Sundance swiftly cut their ropes off. Timmy immediately gave Sundance a hug.

With their master gone, the tiny minotaurs flung themselves into the bright column of light, disintegrating on impact.

Astralyn woke up and rubbed her head. “What in the world happened?”

Before anyone could answer, there was a bright yellow light and then they were gone.



Sundance rubbed his eyes. As the light faded, he was able to see that he was back on the StarTango. He stood up and saw that Astralyn, Timmy, and Petrina had made it back as well. The Minos Cube sat on the floor, right where they left it. Sundance bent down to pick it up. Chucking the thing into space was a mighty good idea. Right as he was about to touch it, it suddenly turned into a pile of dust.

“What the…” Sundance uttered. This woke up Timmy and Astralyn.

Astralyn looked at the dust and then Sundance’s face of shock. “What happened?”

“It just turned to dust,” Sundance replied. “The cube, I was going to throw out the airlock and then POOF.”

From the ashes rose a small yellow light. Sundance recognized it at once. He offered it his hand. It floated to it and then the light transformed into a radiant woman with long flowing yellow hair in a white dress. She floated over to Sundance and kissed him full on the lips. She smiled at him as she floated away. The light faded away, taking the image of the woman with it. Timmy and Astralyn just stared at the space where the woman had been.

“Umm, who was that?” Sundance asked, rubbing his lips.

“That was… Princess Ariadne,” Astralyn replied.

“Right.” Sundance stood dazed. After about a minute of awkward silence, Timmy tapped Sundance on the shoulder.

“Should we get back to New Earth?”

“Right.” Sundance slowly turned towards towards the cockpit. He sat down in the pilot’s seat and turned off the autopilot. As he flew the ship back towards home, he was unaware of the dark presence watching him.


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  1. The only real unfinished thing I see is what’s going to happen to Petrina now? We never really learned how she and Daniel got into the cube or where they are from. Is she going to join the crew? 😀 Or will they give her a lift home?

    These are questions that you don’t have to answer in this episode. Maybe they could come as part of the intro into the next story arc? 😀

    I feel like as a whole this has a very good over-arcing story – it seriously feels like I’m watching a saturday morning cartoon – and a great one at that!

    About the length: I wouldn’t even mind if you made each chapter longer! I really like when you get a little more detailed. You can always keep them at that length but have more parts to each story so you can be a little more detailed. I tend to write a lot of detail in myself, hahaha! So I would write it however long you think it needs to be.

    My favorite part was when Sundance was battling with the sword – that was pretty awesome. 😀

    At any rate, I’m excited to see what happens next!!!

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