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Lucky 13! I know it’s not a big milestone for most series, but it’s a pretty good one for me! I’m glad to see that this is still going on (I usually get distracted by shiny things during most projects.) and that people are enjoying it.

I thought I’d give the romance fans a little something in this episode. The trapped in a box trope is a great way to get two characters some development. It’s almost inevitable that the main hero is going to have feelings for the heroine/ingenue in these types of series, but I want to toy with the idea, see if I can do something different with it. I gave you a small hint of it in Episode 11 I think when their eyes met for a brief moment. In this episode I wanted to dive deeper to see if there is perhaps a romantic interest. I’ll see what I can do to shake things up.

This was also a great way to drop some background on the Greek Myth about Theseus and the Minotaur. This is one of my favourite stories and I wanted you to understand what I was basing this storyline on. 

I wanted to call this episode “Sundance Gets a Clew” as opposed to “Ball of String” because a clew is a ball of string. Princess Ariadne gave Theseus a ball of string to lead his way back to the entrance. It has been said that this is where the word and meaning of ‘clue’ comes from. Never thought you’d learn something, did you?

My second favourite Greek story is about Odysseus and the Sirens. I have storyline all planned out for that, but I figure I might save it for later. Two Greek themes storylines in a row might make me look like I have no original thoughts in my head. 😛

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  1. Edgar Allen Poe would be applauding you now! I’m one of the rare people who does know about clews. 🙂 I think you should name it that! 😀 Teach the people!

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