13. The Curse of the Minotaur, Part V   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 13: The Curse of the Minotaur, Part V- Ball of String


The walls continued to push in on Astralyn and Sundance. They pushed against them with all their might, but the walls were persistent. The space they occupied was the size of a small bathroom, but it was slowly becoming a broom closet.

“This is not how I expected to go out,” Astralyn moaned.

“This is a lousy date,” Sundance joked.

“How can you think of dating at a moment like this?” Astralyn heard Sundance give a breathy chuckle. He was trying to distract her from the moment. “I guess it is a lousy date.”

“I didn’t even get to buy you dinner,” Sundance said. “Next lifetime maybe?”

“Sure, I’ll look you up.” Astralyn smiled.

They continued to push against the walls. It took them a minute to realize that the walls had stopped moving. They were in the equivalent of a small elevator sized space. The relief on their faces was priceless.

“So, we’re not going to become maze paste?” Sundance asked. “I guess we just wait until the walls decide to change and hope they don’t crush us then.”

Astralyn slid to the floor and sighed. “I don’t remember there being moving walls in the Old Earth Legend. This is all new.”

“What legend?” Sundance asked.

“Oh, now you want to listen?” Astralyn raised an eyebrow and smirked. Sundance nodded his head, apparently calmer despite almost being squished. “The old legend told a tale of a half man, half bull creature that was born from King Minos’ wife. It became too large to care in his house so the king had someone build a labyrinth to contain it. An enemy killed King Minos’ son and as payment, every nine years seven young boys and girls were sent to the labyrinth as a sacrifice to the minotaur. A young boy was chosen and he swore to slay the beast. With the help of Princess Ariadne and a ball of string, the young boy was able to navigate the maze, kill the minotaur, and rescue the remaining sacrifices.”

“Sounds like a cinch,” Sundance said. “Nice story, but how does that help us?”

“I was just hoping that if this maze was similar to the tale, we could get out of here!” Astralyn said, placing her head in her hands.

“Well, I don’t see a princess nor do I see a ball of string.” Sundance was going to say something else when something caught his eye. It was a little yellow light that floated just above their prison. “Astralyn, do you see that?”

Astralyn looked up and saw the light slowly lower towards them. “What is it?”

“It’s a light,” Sundance replied. The light flew around Sundance’s head and then floated in front of his face. He reached out to touch it. The light flew over to Astralyn and rested on her outstretched hand. “What do you think it does?” The light flew away from Astralyn and floated in front of Sundance again. It flickered as if it was going off. Then it flew to the wall behind Sundance.

“The walls are about to change,” Sundance said.

“How do you know that?”

“The light told me.”

Sure enough, the walls began to recede. The light floated above them as the walls began to situate themselves. Sundance and Astralyn stayed where they were until the maze was done changing. After a minute, the walls were still. The light flickered for a moment before moving away.

“It wants us to follow it,” Sundance said.

“Sure, why not?”

Astralyn was the first to follow the light. Sundance was still surprised by what was happening that he needed a moment to process it. Astralyn and the light stopped and waited. Sundance promptly followed the light as it navigated through the maze.

“I think this just might be the ball of string you were looking for,” Astralyn commented

“Good.” Sundance was glad of it, but if the minotaur was similar to the one in the legend, he needed to get to Timmy right away.



Timmy awoke to the sound of screaming. He opened his eyes and tried to locate the origin. It was then that he took notice of his condition and where he was. He was suspended high on a wall with his hands tied above his head. He looked to his left and saw Petrina was in the same predicament. The room they were in was wide and circular. In the center a bright yellow light emanated from the floor. It created a large column light that was sure to be seen from anywhere in the maze. He scanned the room for any sign of the minotaur, but he couldn’t see it. That quickly changed.

Daniel was dragged into the room by his feet by what looked to be miniature minotaurs. The larger one followed right behind them. Daniel screamed and tried to grab onto something, but there was nothing to grasp. They laid the poor man next to the light and scattered away. The large minotaur bent down and picked him up. Daniel squirmed and screamed.

“Put me down! No! NO!”

The minotaur dangled Daniel in front of its cavernous nostrils and sniffed him. The intake of breath almost sucked him in. When it exhaled, smatterings of mucus flew out and hit him. The minotaur grunted and stuck out his tongue.

Timmy gasped. The minotaur immediately stopped what it was doing and looked up at him. Timmy’s first impression was to play dead. He quickly closed his eyes, but kept them open a sliver. The minotaur glared at Timmy for a few moments before returning his attention to Daniel.

The minotaur tossed Daniel into the air and watched as he flailed his arms and legs. It opened its mouth wide and waited for his meal. Timmy held his breath and closed his eyes. He heard Daniel scream all the way back down until it stopped. Timmy slowly let the air out through his nostrils and tried to contain his shaking. He could hear the combination of crunching and squishing with each bite. The sound made Timmy quiver with fear.

When the loud smacking ended, the minotaur grunted. Timmy could hear it coming toward him. He could smell the minotaur’s acrid breath as it sniffed him. Timmy had hoped that Sundance would have come by now, but it appeared to be too late. Daniel was just an appetizer and Timmy was next on the menu.


3 responses to “13. The Curse of the Minotaur, Part V

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  1. Oh no! 😦 Poor Daniel! At least Petrina wasn’t conscious enough to see that. D:

    I can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀 I wonder if the ball of light is friend or foe?

    • I was a little worried about this one because I killed a character… I know I said this would be a bit dark, but I didn’t think it would be dark enough to kill anyone. Thank you for your readership!

  2. Okay, that was a little bit ew…gruesome, considering I was eating as I read it. But not bad. I got a bit hung up on ‘young boy’, because I think the real legend says youth, which would be teenager. Ball of light, hm? Interesting, and a little ominous.

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