12. The Curse of the Minotaur, Part IV   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 12: The Curse of the Minotaur, Part IV- Mini-Taurs


“Timmy! Timmy!” Sundance shouted.

“Petrina!” Daniel called out. They hit their fists on the wall, let out a sigh, and spun around to put their backs on the wall.

Astralyn’s heart broke as she watched. “Calling out their names isn’t going to bring them back. We just have to make it to the center. I have a feeling they’ll be there.”

“Alive?” Daniel asked.

Astralyn didn’t answer. She knew the legend of the minotaur. She didn’t want to give Daniel nor Sundance false hope. But then again, maybe silence was just as bad.

“We have to keep moving,” Astralyn said. Daniel and Sundance agreed. They stepped away from the wall and began to walk along the long hallways.

Daniel led the way as they navigated the ever changing maze. He concentrated on where the walls were leading them and when they were going to change. After three changes, Sundance was beginning to feel the pattern as well. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a clue where they were in relation to the center. He felt the maze was pushing them further from it.

Daniel stopped walking. Sundance and Astralyn immediately looked up and listened for any sign of the minotaur. All was silent. “Something is following us,” Daniel whispered.

Astralyn looked down the hallway to see if she could anyone behind them. “I don’t see anyone.”

“Doesn’t mean they’re not there,” Sundance added. He took out his pistol and set it to ‘stun’. “How do you know we’re being followed?”

“The light told me,” Daniel replied.

“Come on out, we know that you’re there!” Sundance shouted.

“Perhaps that’s not such a good idea.” Astralyn shook her head.

“Don’t be a coward! Face us!”

Suddenly there was the sound of scurrying feet and whispers from all around them. The three of them put their backs together and prepared for anything.

“Sundance, I swear, if you get us killed…” Astralyn whispered through her teeth.

Small shadows appeared from the end of the hallway where they had come from. Three mini minotaurs cautiously stepped out of the shadows. They examined the three humans and sniffed at them.

“They’re almost cute,” Astralyn said.

“I think I would have preferred the bunnies.” Sundance aimed his gun at them. Two more mini minotaurs peeked around the corner and joined their friends. “I suggest we slowly move away.”

They took a step back and the herd of mini minotaurs took two. Sundance could see where this was going.

“On my signal, run,” Sundance said.

“What are you going to do?” Daniel asked.

Sundance suddenly shot one of minotaurs in the head. It squealed as it fell to the floor. Astralyn, Daniel, and Sundance ran down the hallway and took a right turn. They heard the roars of the remaining tiny bulls and knew nothing good came of it. They all thought of the possibility that they were calling their daddy. They kept running.

Daniel risked a glance backward and saw that the group of mini minotaurs had grown to nine. They were catching up fast. “INCOMING!”

Sundance looked up on the wall’s edge and saw other tiny bulls standing there, waiting for them. They leapt out and landed on Sundance causing him to fall to the floor. Astralyn stood up against the wall and kicked to keep them from overtaking her. The mini minotaurs grabbed Daniel by his feet and tripped him. The bulls swarmed all over him.

“No!” Daniel screamed.

Sundance tossed minotaurs left and right as they attacked him. He punched one in the face as it tried to bite him. “I have no problem punching short people!” Another one took a flying leap off the wall at him. Sundance took his pistol and shot it. It fell to the floor with the thud. “No more Mr. Nice Guy.” Sundance set his pistol to ‘kill’ and blasted the minotaurs off of Astralyn.

He was able to stand up and saw that the mini minotaurs were coming from everywhere. Astralyn promptly punted any new arrivals. Sundance simply blasted the new wave into so much space dust. He tried to make his way over to Daniel, but each new wave prevented him from doing so.

As quickly as they appeared, the tiny bulls retreated. Sundance and Astralyn sighed in relief, but Daniel screamed in terror. The little things were carrying him away. Sundance and Astralyn ran and grabbed his hands.

“Don’t let go!” Daniel cried.

The floor slanted downward to reveal an underground burrow. The bulls promptly pulled Daniel towards it. Sundance pulled with all of his might, but his hands were slipping. Astralyn was dealing with the same thing. Finally, their hands slipped free and Daniel was lost. They could hear his screams as the hole sealed itself.

Sundance cursed out loud. “I can’t believe this!” He walked over to a wall and kicked it. “Dammit!”

“He’s probably headed to the center,” Astralyn reminded.

“Yeah, great,” Sundance mumbled. “Our only guide was swallowed up by a giant hole and we’re no closer to finding the center!” He abruptly walked past Astralyn to the end the hallway.

“We just came from there… or was it from there?” Astralyn couldn’t remember.

Sundance didn’t care; he turned to the left and marched until he reached another hallway that required a choice. Astralyn followed him as quickly as she could. Sundance took a right and then another right. It was a dead end. He turned around and passed Astralyn again. They walked back they way they came and passed the point where they turned.

“Sundance! Sundance!” Astralyn called out. Sundance ignored her and continued to wander the maze. Another dead end. “Sundance…” As he passed her again, she reached out and grabbed him. He stopped and looked at her for a moment. His eyes full of pain and rage. He shrugged her off and continued walking.

Another dead end. Sundance soon discovered what Astralyn was trying to tell him. The walls had closed in around them, moving inward with no sign of stopping.


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  1. Attack of the Mini-taurs!

    I love the moment at the end between them. You’ve got some great character development going on here!

    Also, I hope Timmy and the others are okay D: AHHH! I must be patient and wait for the next episode. 😛 I think those Mini-taurs are more trouble than the one big one. At least you can run away from him!

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