11. The Curse of the Minotaur, Part III   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 11: The Curse of the Minotaur, Part III- Inside the Box


The minotaur glared down at Sundance and the others and roared. It gripped its axe tightly and prepared to swing. Astralyn cringed while Sundance waited to see where the axe would land. In the middle of the minotaur’s downswing, a red laser beam shot the bull’s right shoulder. Timmy stood defiantly with his pistol aimed at the large intruder.

“Great shot, Timmy,” Sundance said.

“Running would be a good idea right now.” Astralyn pulled Sundance towards her as the axe landed nearby. The two of them look in each other’s eyes for a brief moment before the running began. Timmy continued to make shots at the minotaur as he ran. The minotaur pulled its axe out of the floor and chased them.

“It’s running, too!” Sundance said. “I thought it was going to slowly stomp after us!”

“Less talking, more running!” Astralyn replied.

The hallway turned to the left and the space adventurers followed it. Unfortunately, so did the minotaur.

The trio ran until they reached a wall. They had the option of turning left or right. Sundance stood still and tried to decide which way to go. Astralyn and Timmy looked back at the minotaur and saw that it was quickly gaining on them.

“Sundance?” Astralyn asked.

“Captain?” Timmy asked.

Sundance couldn’t decide which way to go. He always preferred right over left, but what if was a dead end?

“Over here!” shouted someone to their left.

The three of them wasted no time and turned left. As they did so, a wall rose where they had been standing, separating them from the giant bull. It banged at the new wall with its axe, but it didn’t budge. It grew frustrated and stomped away, no doubt trying to find a new way to get to them.

“That was close,” Sundance said, bending over to catch his breath.

“Too close,” said a man’s voice. They looked up to see a young man wearing a dark green uniform and a young woman wearing a gold uniform of the same cut. “The maze’s walls change about once every five minutes. You got lucky.”

“We’ve been hiding from the minotaur for days,” the woman said.

“Who are you?” Sundance asked, standing up.

“My name is Daniel and this is Petrina,” the man said.

“We’re interns at the museum,” Petrina replied.

“So, where are we?” Timmy asked.

“I think we’re inside the Cube.” Daniel looked up at the lights above them. “We’re in the Maze of the Minotaur.”

“Meaning you handled the Cube as well as we did.” Petrina added.

Timmy folded his arms. “I wondered why Doctor Hartnell wore gloves. Sneaky bastard.” He jumped at the sound of the minotaur roaring. “Can we please get out of here?”

“I think the only way to do that is to get to the center of the maze,” said Daniel. “We’ve tried getting there, but with the minotaur out there and the walls ever changing…”

“You just need a bird’s eye view.” Astralyn said. “If we could somehow get on top of one of these walls, we could see the best possible path.”

“And avoid the big nasty,” Sundance chimed in.

“Question?” Timmy held up his hand. “So, once we get to the center, what do we do there?”

“I think someone needs to defeat the minotaur,” Astralyn replied. “If the Old Earth legend is right.”

Timmy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Another question: Who’s going up on the wall?”



Timmy hated ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and thought it was a very infantile way to make decisions. With the thanks of Daniel and Petrina, Timmy now stood on top of the wall, seeing all that could be seen. The maze spanned for miles in each direction. He could see a column of yellow light in the far off distance. He assumed that it was the center. “I can see it, Captain!” he shouted down. Sundance gave him the thumbs up.

Timmy stuck his arms out to his sides as he cautiously walked along the edge of the wall. He guided the others throughout the maze, avoiding dead ends. He also tried to keep his eye out for the minotaur. He couldn’t see it. There’s no way he could miss it, it was huge. Could it simply be hiding around the next corner?

Back on the ground, Daniel had stopped walking. He raised his hand and everyone halted. “The walls are about to change.”

As if on cue, the floor shook violently. Some walls lowered while others rose where none had been before. Timmy was slowly lowered to the floor. Everyone kept their eyes open for the center of the maze and the minotaur.

Sundance got an idea. “Everyone follow me as best you can.” As the walls formed their new shape, he took off running between them. The others followed, desperately trying not to become separated. Sundance saw the center of the maze and didn’t want to stop, but a wall went up in front of him. The walls jetted to the left, so Sundance followed them.

“We should stop and let the walls form,” Petrina suggested. “We could be getting further without knowing it.”

“But we’re almost there,” Sundance argued. The walls were beginning to slow down.

“I think she’s…” Timmy started to say when a wall quickly went up right in front of his face. “Captain?” He and Petrina were now separated from the rest of the group.

“Timmy!” Sundance shouted over the wall. “Stay right there! We’re coming!”

“There’s no way of knowing if we’d ever get there,” Astralyn warned.

The sound of stomping hooves sounded. Everyone’s blood ran cold. A flash of red light appeared behind Timmy and Petrina. They slowly turned around and saw that the minotaur had materialized at the end of the hallway.

“RUN!” Timmy shouted!

On the other side of the wall, they could hear the minotaur chase them down the hallway. Sundance pounded on the wall as he heard the terrifying screams. There was nothing he could do to save them. The screams stopped and then the minotaur was gone.


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  1. No! Timmy! D: Great cliffhanger, I can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂 I love how he got chosen to go up on the wall. I expected Sundance to pull a “Thanks for volunteering Lieutenant!” hahaha 😀 I really like the idea of the maze shifting constantly. That makes it so much harder to find your way out and around.

  2. For some reason I was thinking this was zillions of chapters of space chickens. The variety is more interesting, though. Good writing. 🙂

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