9. The Curse of the Minotaur, Part I   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 9: The Curse of the Minotaur, Part I- Gift Box


Sundance sat in the pilot’s seat as the StarTango lifted off the S.P.A.C.E. headquarters’ tarmac. Timmy sat dutifully in the co-pilot seat. He looked behind him to address Astralyn, she was sitting in the third seat.

“It was really nice of Colonel Graves to let you come with us on this mission,” Timmy said, smiling at her.

“Didn’t the colonel tell you?” Astralyn almost looked amused. “It’s my fault you’re going on this mission in the first place.”


Sundance mumbled something under his breath as he aimed the ship towards the sky. Astralyn and Timmy turned to hear what he was saying. “You were saying, Captain?” Timmy asked.

“While I’m sure Miss Winner undoubtedly enjoys our company, I don’t think we should be out mimicking Federal Express,” Sundance said. “We shouldn’t be out picking up packages of shiny things.”

“Not all space adventures are about rescuing the damsel in distress, Captain.” Astralyn gave a short laugh. “Sometimes they’re about escorting a lady to pick up an artifact.”

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” Sundance said with a smile. Timmy and Astralyn chuckled uncomfortably.

“What exactly are we going to get?” Timmy asked.

Very glad that he asked, Astralyn leaned forward and replied, “It’s called the Minos Cube. It’s a very old artifact stemming from the Ancient Era on Old Earth about a billion years ago.” Timmy looked intrigued so she kept going. “Some have said that the artifact is cursed.”

“Cursed?” Timmy gulped. “Captain?”

“Oh, please,” Sundance said. “It’s as real as the Easter Bunny.”

“Bunnies are flat out evil, sir,” Timmy replied.

The StarTango’s main rocket boosters kicked into high gear as it punched through the planet’s atmosphere. It sped off into the stars towards Astralyn’s destination.



On the planet Destin, an old man peered out of the window in his office as two men and a woman approached the front door. They’re early, he thought. He closed the window and made sure that his office was nice and tidy. If all went well, his visitors wouldn’t even need to be in there. He clustered some errant papers together and placed all of his pens in a cup anyway. He stepped through the black curtains to the lobby of the museum. There were various displays of fossils and minerals placed throughout the area. People placed their hands on the glass even though the signs specifically said not to. He took a deep breath and ignored this as he greeted his visitors.

“Oh, you must be Astralyn,” he said. “Doctor Hartnell.” He shook the young woman’s hand. She smiled at him. “And these must be your handsome escorts: Captain Starmont and Lieutenant Falken.”

“We’re not escorts,” Sundance said, not wanting the professor to get the wrong idea.

“You have a charming museum, Doctor,” Astralyn said, looking around. “I would truly love a tour. Maybe when business is done?”

“Quite,” Doctor Hartnell replied. “This way.”

The doctor led them away from his office and towards a room that was cordoned off by a green velvet rope. He unhooked the roped from one of the stands and allowed them to enter. Timmy gave him a peculiar look, though he dismissed it.

The walls were painted dark green, so dark they might as well have been black. There was only one display in this room. It stood on a pedestal with a white light shining down on it. Underneath the glass case sat a small black cube; just looking at it sent shivers down Timmy’s back. Goosebumps were to be had by all.

Doctor Hartnell pulled some gloves out of his tweed jacket and put them on. He reached up and pulled the glass case off and carefully set it on the floor. Astralyn and Sundance approached the pedestal and watched as Doctor Hartnell lifted the cube from its velvet red cushion. “I present to you the Minos Cube. Hold out your hand.” Astralyn held out her hands and the doctor placed the cube in them. The box was made of steel and chilled her hands, like holding onto an ice cube.

“It’s so well preserved. Your clean up crew did a marvelous job.” Astralyn examined it in awe. Timmy stayed as close to the wall as possible. “I really appreciate…” Astralyn took a deep breath and tried again. “The New Earth Museum of Artifacts thanks you very much for your donation.”

“Think nothing of it, my dear, Astralyn.”

Doctor Hartnell placed the glass case back onto the pedestal. He led them back to his office (much to his chagrin) to discuss the legal matters and small talk. When that was done, he walked Astralyn and her escorts outside. He waved goodbye as they walked into the city streets. When they turned the corner, his face went from light to dark.

He walked back into his office and as soon as he closed the black curtains, he let out a pained sigh.

“Has the deposit been made?” whispered a sinister voice in his left ear.

“Yes, master,” Doctor Hartnell replied. His eyes shot open and his skin chilled, clearly surprised. “They came, just like you said.”

“Do they suspect anything?” The voice was light and smooth, but there was something dark about it.

Doctor Hartnell scanned the office, looking for the body the voice belonged to, but could see no one. “No, Master.”

“Then you have done well.” The voice trailed off and the room got warmer. The doctor took a chance and spun around to face the voice, but there was no one there.

Hartnell’s heartbeat slowed as he sat back down at his desk. He tried to go about business as usual, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the fate those young people will soon face. He soon replaced this thought with one of cleaning his office, but the chill never left him.


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  1. I can definitely see some improvement here! I love the setup and I’m excited to see what happens with this Minos Cube. 🙂 Glad the gang is back together, I really like Astralyn.

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